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for What happens in Hamburg

11/22/2020 c10 jordana60
The name of this chapter was quite fitting. This was Rory and Logan at their most natural- relaxed, doing ordinary things, just being together. I liked the description of them in bed , half dressed, watching TV, like they did it everyday. Of course, Rory would need to discuss things more, but 2 weeks was a good compromise
11/22/2020 c12 Kellybras
Love the story
11/22/2020 c12 Guest
Such a good story you were awesome keep up the good work ️
11/22/2020 c11 52shari
Logan is trying hard and Rory has grown up. They are both listening to what the other needs and wants. In return they are fulfilled. Love the ending SWEET
11/22/2020 c10 52shari
Their bubble will break at some point. Life goes on.
11/22/2020 c12 Elizabeth
Aw :) I loved this. Thank you!
11/22/2020 c11 Guest
I so loved this story. So glad for a happy ending.
11/22/2020 c11 Guest
Please, give us more! I loved the build-up and now this chapter felt a little rushed. I would definately want to read more of this Rory/Logan. They really feel perfect together.
11/22/2020 c11 Elizabeth
I love this!
11/22/2020 c11 22Gemmadog
Oh yes an epilogue please x
11/21/2020 c11 RoryHuntzberger
I'm so glad Rory is willing to move! There was nothing really tying her to New York and it just makes a lot of sense. I love how you had them work out their relationship and come to a better agreement then AYTIL, please don't end it here!
11/21/2020 c10 23Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
11/21/2020 c9 ReadAndLive
It’s good that they discussed the years they were apart. While they still have the feelings from 7 years ago, they have both changed from that time. Without seeing that whole picture, it would catch up with them eventually. Beautifully written and captured the emotions well.
11/21/2020 c8 ReadAndLive
Ugh, if they had only had this type of communication during the show! Great conversation between them and starting to discuss it and see how the other person felt.
11/21/2020 c9 jordana60
It wasn’t easy to read, but it was necessary. I happen to really like Jess, and a Rory/Jess friendship, and his relationship with Luke later on, so I do feel bad that Rory used him like she did, but it’s clear that she feels terrible about it, so that actually makes me feel better.I understand Rory’s tears of relief, having it all out on both sides.
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