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for Not By Blood

8/5 c15 8Hibari Shikaru
Oh no...
5/21 c8 Hibari Shikaru
Where's the next chapter,aaaaah! Anyway, thank you so much for the beautiful chapter! Really love it,btw!
2/4 c1 HarryPotterGirl1234
Oh my goodness wow! All character's personalities were spot on and well done with the overall story!
2/1 c3 RosePearl
I love it! Can't wait to read more. I thought the movie wronged Loki, giving him such an insignificant death after developing his character over multiple films. In my mind, he survived. Glad to see that's the case in someone else's head canon, too!
1/4 c2 1Skrill99
Oh wow! I loved this. At first I was a little disappointed that Loki doesn't meet the guardians, but now I prefer this. I like the Loki and the Jane perspective. Keep going!

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