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for A Flower for the Soul

19h c2 jimmy.oz
won't lie it is a bit confusing the way tom is acting. it reminds me of the saying about raising a wild animal that can come back to attack or something like that.
5/10 c36 diagonalpumpkin
This is a wonderful read. It was truly a pleasure. Thank you so much for writing and sharing.
5/9 c36 zachariahm
Fantastic story, I enjoyed it immensely. Despite having a fairly long story that mainly covered two years, it did not feel padded or overly wordy. There was a good balance between action, dialogue, and self-reflection that kept the pace flowing pretty much the entire time. There was a good smattering of training and background information without ever really falling into the trap of wasting the reader's time on pointless training montages or meaningless info dumps. Props for a solid and satisfying epilogue.
Harry was honestly a bit too overpowered at times, but I rarely minded since the main focus of the story was his interactions with others and healing the mental scars of his past, and your fight scenes were engaging and fun to read. You did a great job on a morally gray Harry, his actions were quite dark at times but felt measured as opposed to just bouncing back and forth between light and dark. Harry and Fleur were great together, their dialogue was a joy to read, and the progression of their relationship felt natural. The story really delivered on the Delacours helping Harry stabilize and find a reason to live, having Sebastien's upbringing mirror Harry was a nice touch that I haven't encountered yet. It did feel like Fleur got a bit sidelined during the 5th year after their relationship had gotten over most of their bumps, which is my only major criticism of the story. Her parts in the Umbridge and Dept of Mysteries fights were good, but she felt underutilized towards the end of the story. That said, still great overall.
Terry Boot was a great side character, I really enjoyed his dynamic with Harry. I was hoping for Luna to show up more than she did since it was a Ravenclaw Harry, but it made sense given Harry's characterization, so that's just my personal bias for Luna complaining. Tom surprised me with how much I enjoyed him, he managed to push past "plot device to power up Harry" and actually was a distinct character. Villains and Dumbledore were all surprisingly competent (not counting Fudge anyway, not every villain needs to be competent), even if they were ultimately overpowered in the end.
All in all, it was a wonderful story I wouldn't mind re-reading sometime, I would heartily recommend it to pretty much any reader that doesn't absolutely an overpowered Harry, and even they should give it a shot since that's not the main focus. Thanks for the lovely story, I will be sure to check out the other ones you have written, cheers!
5/7 c5 Ryuu23
I can not describe words as I disappointed. I liked this story. But I absolutely do not like to read them from the face of female characters. And now at the end of the 5th chapter, I find out that the rest of the story will be on the face of the girl. The author, what's wrong with you? I say goodbye.
5/6 c17 Guest
so predictsble
5/6 c17 Guest
so predictable
5/6 c16 Guest
everything is so predictable j
5/8 c37 3grovepjp
5/7 c36 SKFF
I sat on that last chapter for weeks, just reading a few sentences and taking a break. Trying to savour it, and delay the ending.
And that ending…ticked all the boxes. It was a perfect way to end this amazing story.

This is, without question, the single best Harry/Fleur story I’ve read. The fact that you saw it through to the end, and gave it a good ending, makes it even better.

Truly, thank you for writing this.
Absolutely loved how you wrote their characters, the troubles they overcame and how their relationship grew. Never did I feel the story was losing steam, or was getting hard to read. You managed to keep my attention till the very end, and now that is finished, I’ll always be trying to find another story that compares. Don’t think I will, to be honest.

No doubt I’ll be reading this again soon. It’s just too damn good.

Amazing work. The best I’ve seen.
5/7 c16 Aredianx
I'm sorry but i can't keep reading this. Their relationship has become so much toxic during the duelling arc that i can't accept them falling in love like nothing happened. Duelling is one of the only things Harry actually takes pleasure in yet Fleur's disgusting behaviour took that chance away from can't even see her get what she deserves for that (like with that Hungarian duellist in 'Stepping Back') because she is supposed to be the love interest for Harry. He was right to distance himself because we already know Voldemort actually considered harming her but decided it wouldn't be a good idea to upset the French yet. But because someone says "Shouldn't it be her choice?" he suddenly leaves his sound logic and apologizes. No for god's sake, it shouldn't be her choice because Harry is the one who will have to bury her and live with the guilt, not her. And if that's not enough, Fleur feels the audacity to be angry at him and maim him for caring? Who the hell does she think she is? I don't even know why this bothered me this much, i guess it's because i really had high hopes for this story. But i think it is okay to not like every single one of your stories. Damn, i really wish you had just removed that duelling part.
5/6 c17 Zann
I do not believe I have ever read a story that successfully rendered the soul fragment in Harry a likeable character that I'd end up emotionally invested in, nor did I ever expect to.

5/6 c8 Aredianx
I decided to give this one another go while i wait for the new chapter of "Whispers of a Raven". I remembered why i like you as an author. Your AU building is simply amazing. I love powerful Harry stories and you make them really believable instead of him traveling through time to train with Merlin or something. I also love the way your romances progress. It's slow but powerful and sweet at the same time. However there are some things that bug me. This is supposed to an independent Harry but his independence lasts for about 4 chapters (extended prologue as you put it), then immediately he is being forced to change by the other characters. I especially hate the way Sebastian starts snooping. Why should Harry care if he reminds you of yourself? That doesn't allow you to interfere with his life. I think the Delacours just charged in and demanded to be a part of his life a little too soon. It should've been Harry's own choice to let somebody in, instead of someone banging on his doors and demanding to be let in. Also, i believe this is the 2nd story where you chose to disqualify Harry from a duelling tournament he was gonna win. I was rude the first time reading this and my reviews were uncalled for. Sorry about that. I just felt like the only thing Harry actually enjoyed was taken from him by a character we were supposed to like, being his love interest and all. In "Stepping Back", it was the asshole opponent and incompetent judge so it was easy to hate them. In this story, it is Fleur's childish and stupid actions that cost him his glory and he just takes it like he doesn't care. If i remember correctly, he didn't even argued with Madam Pomfrey when she said he couldn't compete. Obviously that was your choice but it still sucked. Anyway, i still like your writing. You are very talented. Keep up the good work.
5/5 c17 1Arkisenn
Dammit, why must all your mentors die? I mean, narratively I understand it. But just once, I'd like to see a mentor make it to the end. How bout a challenge? Make an alchemist or beast master Harry! Only Flamel or Scamander aren't allowed to perish! Wouldn't it be great to see the mentor show up and stave off the canon fodder in the final battle while Harry faces off against Voldemort? I would certainly like to see that.
5/4 c12 TheHarshApprentice
I don't know man but I feel that the relationship between Harry and Fleur is too platonic and if they start dating then it would be too dry and not fun to watch.
5/4 c36 LBII
Once again, you have produced an excellent tale. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and imagination with us readers.
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