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for A Flower for the Soul

4/22 c36 WhatHaveIDiscovered
Enjoyed the story. Thought it might end with a reunion after death, but this works well too. Well done and thanks for sharing!
4/16 c1 HeartofBraum
This story is an example of what I love about fanfiction, bringing new and interesting takes on characters and settings. I would never have thought I would feel sorrow for Tom or Serana, but they were adapted brilliantly. I think the romance section of this fic was on the weaker side, as their interactions especially early on were far more dramatic than they were romantic. Overall however it is an excellent fic, cheers for the great read.
4/11 c1 jrjsmith0
Appreciate the story! Very nicely done!
3/30 c1 FrostyBehemoth
Never, ever write a story with romance, beacuse as soon as you tried in this one you ruined one of the best stories I've read. You fuck the whole story, your main character, and any chance that i could enjoy this book beacuse of how atrocious your Romantic writing skills suck.

This was an amazing story, but you trying to get this harry to fall in love failed. we saw hardly any interaction between them, then she asked him to the ball and sudden everything goes down hill.

one date between acquaintances, one kiss and it apparently means there in love, they HAVE to have a future together. Your harry apparently falls in love with some girl he hardly knows after one kiss. Where he goes on to fall apart from one kiss beacuse he just cares so much for her.

where the fuck did that come from? what the fuck? but the worst of it was the duel, what the flying fuck was that dumb fucking drama. Fucking pathetic.

Oh no, i cant fight, i dont want to hurt her, oh no never, i could never hurt her. Just the thought is to much. WHAT THE FUCK. Where is our main character? Where the fucked did he go?


You've made your character act a different way just for a bit of plot and drama.

Dude, i was trying to hold out with all the drama of the kiss, when it all happened so randomly. but the duel was just fucking pathetic, and i could see it a mile away.

i was literally bitting my nails, praying that you didn't fuck up there fight scene (knowing full well you would) but i still hoped.

but i was right, he just did nothing, let himself get fucked up and that was that. Book ruined. Fuck you.
3/23 c36 Dretnuh
Second time reading this story, and it’s still great! Could use a bit of editing just for some grammatical stuff here and there, but that is few and far between. My only critique honestly is that I wish it was longer and some more stuff was fleshed out, not because it was bad but because of how much I liked it and just wish there was more to read. And especially I do wish the epilogue was fleshed out a little more but hey it’s honestly inconsequential in the grand scheme. But is by far one of my favorite stories in the HP fandom and in fanfic in general.
3/23 c34 Dretnuh
What do you mean Lupin was their only competent professor? They had Moody too, and even crouch jr. posing as Moody was good and they had the real Moody!
3/22 c16 Dretnuh
I’m confused… if Fleur is in the immediate vicinity… why tf is he summoning fiendfyre which could easily go out of control?!
3/18 c37 Beth1112
I really enjoyed your story.
3/10 c36 Lukoshi
Serana is my favourite character of all the ones you have created followed closely by Sebastien. Hopefully you can bring her back in some capacity in one of your other stories
2/19 c37 7StuphinUrMuphin
This is perhaps the best Harry Potter Fanfic I have ever read. This was wonderful and I enjoyed it to the very end. Usually, fanfics have a lot of clichés and plotholes that guve me grievances, but this is truly remarkable work. I have openly cried and laughed many times throughout the story. Funny enough, the part I relate to the most is Serena's passing. My dog had just recently passed last month. In her last moments she had gotten in comfortable in her bed and stared right into my eyes as she took her last breath. The way Serena passed reminded me of how at peace she seemed with her life before she moved on. Thank you for that, this was truly a pleasure to read.
2/4 c17 vmage2
Who's cutting onions?
1/30 c37 Guest
This was amazing. Thank you for the story. Such a fun coupling! Hard to decide if I like Harry x daphne or Harry x Fleur the best. This was a great one!
1/27 c36 5Targetedandfiring
I know Serana is just a background character and played a minor role in the story but every time I reread this fic and get to her part of the Epilogue I cry like a baby. The events following the Third Task also induce a similar result. Splendid writing Baron Black.
1/27 c37 Deathday Party Planner
Outstanding! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story as a masterful storyteller, you have become an oh so cherished favorite author!
1/15 c37 Guest
I loved it thank you very much
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