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for A Flower for the Soul

7/17 c36 Zack
I thought wizards had a uniquely long life span and routinely lived past 150 years?

Regardless I enjoyed your story. One criticism I have is after the third task and everything that happens the story kind of stalls. Like Harry says he’s not ready a few times and then there’s like 10 chapters of blur and then he raids the Malfoy Manor. Within however many chapters it actually was nothing is ever really brought up about how Harry is readying himself. I suppose it can be assumed he’s just studying and practicing but it’s still it but weird.
7/18 c17 Draugrim
I am finding it increasingly difficult to put this story down, but the end of this chapter is forcing me to stop and decompress. Never before has a writer had me mourning for the character who "died" here. Phenomenal character building.
7/18 c15 Axis G
Yeah no I can’t take it anymore, proceeding with this story would just drive me nuts because of Fleur! Why didn’t anyone respect Harry’s wishes of being left the fuck alone!? He doesn’t want your death on his conscience, so why the fuck are they forcing themselves in? I just read the first half because this this story is now ruined for me. I agree with the other negative reviews in this chapter.

The story started really strong and was really great until the romance part came along. I hope that you are able to create better romance subplots (?) in your future stories.
7/18 c13 Axis G
Ugh this story had a really great plot with the little voldemort inside his head but damn the Delacour family is annoying. They sound so selfish about keeping him hidden. Like yeah fuck the rest of the world, ay least my daughter is happy. I’m kinda 50/50 on Fleur since it was explained that she bonded with him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed with her. Ugh I hope there’s a lot of separation between them afterwards cause the back and forth was tedious to me.

The writing in general is great don’t get me wrong! Just what I mentioned above
7/12 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
7/10 c36 ThirdCabinBoy
7/9 c1 TheGreatDiogenes
I'm loving this first chapter, you make these tropes you've used very believable where in other author's stories I see wasted potential. on to the next!
7/9 c37 bazuda1029
just finished this fic in 1 day and I must say it was an awesome and interresting jouney.
Even though I don't really like the Harry/Fleur pairing it was geniously done.
This will forever be one of my favorite storys I have read
keep up the good work, the new story with Narcissa is already looking to be another of my favorites
7/9 c1 Himanshu.99
Story looks promising. Although I have read only the first chapter. It us hard to find a story which have consistency and no grammatical mistakes
7/7 c36 Aetherium21
Excellent story, great plot and I loved how you wrote such a well-developed work without bringing in Hermione and Ron
7/6 c10 Aetherium21
Ahahaha Tom slayed it at the end of there “greatest magic you will ever experience. Love it, Harry just wants to melt into a puddle of embarrassment
7/6 c37 dolph25
Fantastic story, thanks!
7/6 c6 4darkest ambition
I'm only getting into this fic, but bloody hell its wonderful
7/6 c7 Aetherium21
God I’m loving this story. You’ve written an excellent and engaging depiction of Harry
7/3 c10 10lightning king
Just a funny thought, but I really feel like voice Tom is way more like canon Dumbledore just with Tom's memories. And it would be very funny to read a story about Harry with a little Dumbledore voice in his head instead of a Voldemort voice. I could so easily see that little Dumbledore voice whispering about how love is the greatest magic of all.

Keep up the good work.
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