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9/5/2022 c2 bloodpaladin88
This is filled with such wooden characters, most of them don't even have any actual personalities or traits. Those that do aren't expanded beyond a single one. Worst of all is Harry himself who doesn't behave like an 11 year-old at all, and speaks with the vocabulary of an old man.
8/25/2022 c36 HowlerOne
This story was excellent. Absolutely fantastic. A solid mix of action and heartfelt moments without the constant angst some stories seem to favor. Highly recommended.
8/25/2022 c17 ReyesGomez
I have re-read this part several times and it still gets me. I would love if one of your stories involved Tom Marvolo Riddle like you did here. It is amazing to take a character and bring forth a redeemable quality while still acknowledging their own evil and darkness. I love how Tom got redemption, yet that does not mean he does not get scott free. Its sad and heartwarming and I honestly think one of your best character portrayas (at least interpretations.)
8/22/2022 c36 1StormCrownSr
I still maintain he should have named his youngest James Thomas Potter.
"Named after the two best dads a boy could ask for"
8/21/2022 c36 snamioneBDSMcuriosity
8/17/2022 c19 DerekB74
Oh good, I was wondering if I'd read an entire fic by you that did not include the cantankerous old git. I've missed Arcturus in this fic. Very glad he could make an appearance and hope there is more to be had of him.
8/12/2022 c17 suraj
tom and harrys souls merge perhaps
8/7/2022 c36 Just William
Typo, "he was puled from his", should be "he was pulled from his". All in all a very good story.
8/6/2022 c35 Just William
Typo "he has his ow strengths", should be "he has his own strengths".
8/6/2022 c33 Just William
A couple of typo's, "Malfoy Manner was attacked" should be "Malfoy Manor was attacked" and "Harry attacking Malfoy Manner tonight", should be "Harry attacking Malfoy Manor tonight".
8/6/2022 c15 Guachico
Good morning. I have recently found and started reading this story and I am really enjoying it.

I have just read the dueling finale chapter and I am really struggling with how unhealthy the relationship dynamic is. Maybe I’m misunderstanding it, but it seems to include one person who doesn’t know how to show love and another who demands it be shown and will resort to physical violence when it doesn’t match what she thinks she’s entitled to. When Fleur hit Harry at her parents’ home, it was a red flag. She hit him because he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Then when they duel, she decided to hurt him because he wasn’t falling over himself to be in a relationship with her. You were pretty clear that it wasn’t just a duel where injuries could happen—she was motivated to make him hurt as part of how she was manipulating him into doing what she wanted in the relationship. When he talks to her afterward, he tells her about something that is a core tenet of his life: he intends to eliminate Voldy and her first response is “not until I say you’re ready”. She doesn’t want a relationship: she wants a slave. It’s not healthy for either of them. Just because one person feels passionately about another doesn’t give them the right to force the other person to do something they don’t want to do and I am just seeing an emerging pattern of physical abuse to enforce relationship rules that will carry with them through their whole life. To hear Fleur’s father just saying that’s the way it’s supposed to be tells me she has grown up with some very poor role models and the whole family is screwed up.

Other than the relationship, I love the story, though. I think the Tom-Harry dynamic is great, I’m curious how you’ll resolve the fact that Tom is a horcrux, and can’t wait to see how the story progresses.

8/5/2022 c32 Just William
A typo, "Come one Lucius" should be "Come on Lucius".
8/2/2022 c32 Guest
I really enjoy your writing style and how you make the stories your own. Please keep writing and sharing your gift with us mere muggles who don't have a creative writing bone in their bodies!
There are 2 things that I believe I interpreted differently to you from canon. Just wanted to share that with you.

Regarding Regulus Black. Based on kreature's story regulus died at the cave after drinking the potion and being dragged down to the depths. The rumour of Voldemort killing him was something Sirius assumed more than it actually happening. A way to explain his absence I believe.

And the diadem. It was Harry who places it from a box to on top of the bust of the wizard when he goes to hide the HBP's book. When Harry requested for a room his request was more generic so it opened the room of hidden things. I believe that the Voldemort would have created a room just to keep the diadem and assumed it would stay there. But I assume room would put anything that you left in the room in to the hidden things room for storage. Can explain how the books appear as a small library when the DA was using it. Room assembles the relevant books as per the request. Because I really don't think Voldemort would have left the diadem if he saw the junk left there by generations of students.
8/3/2022 c31 Just William
A typo, "he struck her wit" should be "he struck her with".
8/3/2022 c30 Just William
A typo, "near to doll out harsher" should be "near to dole out harsher".
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