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8/1/2022 c17 Just William
A typo, "saw the sate of her" should be "saw the state of her".
8/1/2022 c15 Just William
A typo, "visit the merepeople" should be "visit the merpeople".
8/1/2022 c14 Just William
a typo,"I would lie you to cast it",should be "I would like you to cast it".
8/1/2022 c10 Just William
This story is pretty good, the chapters are interesting but there are typo's in most of the chapters that I have read so far. In this chapter for instance "been sent to aide you with" should be "been sent to aid you with" and "They're in their again" should be "They're in there again".
7/31/2022 c2 tsougrhs.59
really now? Hermione juat ask for a toad and your Mc knows she is scared?
your Mc is arrogant and believe the people of his age is kids andd he is not? your Mc not even question why he has aa boice in his head and followed. blind...!
your knew stories is good but. it seems the older ones has all the "bad" points
7/30/2022 c4 Just William
A typo "much to is chagrin" should be "much to his chagrin" Good story!
7/30/2022 c2 Just William
A number of typo's, "the responded nervously" should be "he responded nervously", thank merlin" should be "thank Merlin", and "managing a fly", should be "managing to fly".
7/29/2022 c36 raba123
Thank you for this great story author. Recently found it and read it in a day. I really liked the fact Tom was like a father figure to him and it really is a unique idea. And his relationship with Serena also very sweet and it bought tears to me at the end when she passed away but happy nonetheless for living her final years with love and care. And really enjoyed the way Fleur and Harry's relationship forward to reading more of your stories. Again thank you for the story. I really enjoyed this story you made and having the opportunity to take a glimpse of it.
7/22/2022 c26 Grammar Fiend
"”If you are fortunate enough, you will leave to see his downfall.”
"The M-minister will here of this."
Do not bite of more than you can chew
Harry breathed a sig of relief
It was not often he indulged in often,”

Examples of the errors you are consistently making. Further grammatical editing is required.
7/23/2022 c37 8CoSmO333
this was amazing thanks for sharing
7/22/2022 c12 Sayanka Betal
I am a fan of your works but tbh this story I don't like much. Also, I have seen a tendency in your stories where you make Harry pretty unambitious. The hat nearly sorted him in Slytherin but every story you make him a character who just wants to be normal.
7/18/2022 c10 Big.Daddy.Dudders
What happened to her other date? You’re gonna need a reason that fell through. Hopefully you got it covered.
7/12/2022 c36 Puff Me
Animals dying is my fuckin kryptonite so I choked up a little bit. Not at all ashamed to admit that

Good ending to a great story. This is the type of shit you read and can really enjoy because of how fantastical it is. Yes there are problems, but they’re minor and ignorable. And of the problems there, I can’t even tell which are actual problems because I’ve been binge reading this asshole’s stories and can’t remember anymore.
7/10/2022 c36 DrackNath
That was a beautiful ending and a beautiful story thank you for this amazing journey that took the time to read.
7/9/2022 c15 Falvern
Wow. What a disappointing end to the dueling tournament. I was enjoying it up until now. Not because of Harry being OP but because the magic was genuinely interesting and he did deserve to win. But gotta live up to the drama tag of this story and totally blow the situation between Harry and Fleur out of proportion. That's a shame.
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