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for A Flower for the Soul

6/1 c32 Guest
Of course Harry copped out on not killing the malfoys. Should not expect anything less from an author like you
6/2 c37 xtremenish
Brilliant Brilliant Story ! Character development of Harry was phenomenal. Have read so many harry becoming super powerful. But addition of Tom as a cynical but powerful guiding voice helping Harry along with his Hard work was great.

One minor complaint was the nature of the veela was too subdued. Here Fleur was like a normal girl and not a veela. Maybe reading too many fanfics colored my opionion but would have preferred if Fleur to be somehwat more outgoing / maybe sensual (for lack of a better word) etc.

Nevertheless - Kudos for writing a great story. Couldnt move away from it ! Happy to support this page and the author :)
6/2 c17 14OrionB15
I don't usually ever review in the middle of a story, but wow. What great ideas and creativity you have displayed in this story so far, and brilliant character development between Tom and Harry. There have been many attempts at the Tom Harry Father/Son relationship, and myself have tried it out. But you have us all beat. Well done!
6/2 c36 SultanHashi
I enjoyed this so much it was really interesting and all the characters were developed I only wish that Luna had played a larger role maybe as a younger sibling he had taken under his wing. Thank you for writing this.
5/27 c27 Guest
The Dumbledore confrontation was cringe it gonna lie
5/27 c20 Guest
I swear if I hear another random person talk about how tough Harry’s life is and how sorry they are I’m gonna lose it.
5/29 c19 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
That was an amazing trial, thanks for the chapter.
5/26 c37 1Slender25
Ha sido una de las mejores historias que he leído espero con ansias cómo continuarás tu historia Whispers of a Raven ahorita mismo comenzaré a leerla
5/24 c15 Guest
She literally burns his fucking arm and he’s apologizing every 5 seconds to her. Some authors never stop
5/24 c15 Guest
So because Harry is the most dense beta male in the wizard of world he lost the tournament? Good one author
5/23 c13 Guest
I feel like you could have made toks character really cool and entertaining, but you turned him into an overbearing therapist. A complete butchering of the character. It’s such a dissapointment.
5/25 c36 Gamester200
I had no idea you wrote Honor Thy Blood until I started this, and just like that story I fell in love and couldn't stop. Great work! Looking forward to the next
5/23 c5 Guest
So tired of Harry saying he wants to be alone but befriending everyone with a pulse
5/23 c3 Guest
No one is gonna acknowledge the fact Dumbledore tried to get into Harry’s mind? And you are really grasping at straws when Harry befriends Hermione. At least try to be consistent author
5/22 c27 wujuninja
this is one badass Harry
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