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for A Flower for the Soul

11/18/2020 c2 angelscatie
Interesting beginning. Looking forward to what comes next
11/18/2020 c2 welcome007
so i know this is harry x fleur.
but will harry make tom a body?
11/18/2020 c2 3MrKlortho
Enjoying this story so far. I’m liking your characterization, and I appreciate your approach to telling the first three years of schooling. Too many authors start at year one and quickly lose steam.
11/18/2020 c2 2udm17
Concise first year with everything of importance touched and well explained. Next year should be interesting with the diary Horcrux and all.
11/18/2020 c2 Qarz
I wish more authors had the courage to alter canon to fit their story.
11/18/2020 c2 5plums
I hope you follow through on never returning to the Dursleys again.
11/18/2020 c1 Qarz
Your stories are a guarantee of quality so I'm looking forward to how this story pans out. I hope you branch out of the usual stuff you write a bit.
11/18/2020 c1 Misfiredmayhem
Great start! Cant wait for more!
11/18/2020 c1 1The Pathological Liar
Another great chapter. I hope Harry's doesn't become an unlikeable character. Tom's motivations regarding Harry is still murky to me. Is he trying to control or genuinely help him?
11/17/2020 c1 1AiyaKnight
Well I will for sure keep a eye out on this. Starting at pre year 1 and having a fleur harry ship is like throwing a dart at a blank wall wondering if in a year the story will have progressed to even read about the ship couple or relationship. Try and make the pre 4 years 1 or at most 2 chapters long. Thats my only advice for some one trying to do a flowerpot ship but wants to start the book out and go through all 4 years. Also please dont just feed us boring rehash the entire time. 3
11/17/2020 c1 Canuto-90
Great beggining man. As always I will keep reading.

Till your next one.

11/17/2020 c1 Inhaled Atoms
I've been looking forward to this story. It looks very promising and I look forward to seeing more of it.
Keep up the great work!
- Atom
11/17/2020 c1 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great first chapter and quite a change in Tom's attitude compared to Voldemort's. Thanks for sharing!
11/17/2020 c1 Bazda
Very nice, your moment to moment writing has improved significantly and I found myself reading every word. Looking forward to more and thank you for your hard work!
11/17/2020 c1 TehStorm
I am a sucker for harry x fleur so i'm very exited to see where this story will go.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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