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for A Flower for the Soul

2/1/2022 c36 Xemenon
Fuck! This chapter made me cry. The only story where I cried at her death. You did a great job. I'm glad that I gave this story a try.
Thank you for all your efforts. I wish you best of luck with your life.
1/24/2022 c17 Sunny Singh
I've read this story a few times now and Chapter 17 still sets me off, as Harry says goodbye to his like Dad (Tom) and how Harry lets Tom know that he gave his soul for his. This authour is without a doubt the best.
1/21/2022 c37 bballandy00
i am not sure how you put out so many stories at such a fast pace, but i am thankful none the less. great story once again
1/18/2022 c10 Otaman
Dumbledore seems to be offended by what Harry called love "bollocks" (unfortunately I don't speak English very well, sorry for the mistakes)
1/17/2022 c36 JuliusCorvinus
Thank you for writing A Flower for the Soul.
1/16/2022 c28 1Benefic
Ignore the comment below me because he’s the idiot. Most of us know that a 400% increase means that there are FOUR TIMES the amount of attacks. Honestly, if you’re going to criticize a good story for such a stupid and petty reason, at least be correct.
1/14/2022 c28 Guest
100% is the max of anything if they have a 400% increase in werewolf attacks then there is no one in magical britain who has not been bit dumb ass
1/14/2022 c24 Guest
great so harry will be back to being used as a beating stick
1/13/2022 c8 Guest
no one cares about the people you have got money from for writing
1/13/2022 c4 Guest
so why did davis not get a week of detention for cursing someone that's bullshit harry and davis both did the same thing but only harry is punished makes no sense at all
1/13/2022 c3 Guest
yes harry does have a choice it's called mind his own fucking beewax and let the adults do there fucking jobs and when they fail they will get fired it's what happens in the real world.
1/14/2022 c33 Mikeblade
more like she did not tell dumbledore because she knew he would have done the same thing he has done for decades witch is fuck all
1/14/2022 c29 Mikeblade
why is harry trying to talk sense into someone who is bat shit crazy
1/13/2022 c13 maxxie10
I've liked most of this story, but as other reviewers have said, Harry just giving in to Fleur at the end is a bummer.

You made the argument through Fleur and Tom that Fleur should have a say, but...why? Harry isn't avoiding a relationship just to protect her, it's because her being in danger because of him would make him unhappy and afraid. He's protecting his own feelings and Fleur looks selfish for bulldozing over that and Harry looks weak for going along with it.

The "I'm not worth that" part also came out of left field. Up until now Harry has had a lot of confidence in himself and it feels like this line was thrown in just to make sense of the relationship mess.
1/11/2022 c36 12Village-Mystic
So, I like and love so many elements of this story, but have a few questions - most of them are not about story choices, but about perhaps the difference between being English and American, and also about CCTV, classroom size and teachers. Some of this is also from your other stories.

If anything I would like to see more missing scenes and POV, but overall enjoyed the entire story very much.

1. The summer in England and the UK - if Harry's birthday is on the end of July, and Hogwarts starts up on September 1st, how is the month of August the entire summer? I understand that most of Europe takes most of August off, but "Mid-summer" or Solstice are on June 21st, one month earlier. In the US we struggle between when private schools get out (some time in May) and when public schools get out, some time near the end of June for our actual "summer" to begin. Also as you probably know Americans don't get that much time off in the summer, but instead have some long weekends and in some offices modified hours to get out early on Fridays.
2. I understand you really didn't want to touch politics, but the existence of CCTV would probably make it harder for the wizarding world to remain hidden. So I'm curious how you imagine that playing out in regards to the characters and story - but again, broad strokes of time, so I understand why it isn't addressed.
3. Population, classroom size and teacher density. While I can imagine Harry being the head transfiguration teacher. Over time, I'd imagine more teachers would be necessary at the school. I suppose that's another reason for broad strokes.

In closing, I do like how you epilog moments went into many of the story and character elements and following up through time, as heart breaking as some of that can be.
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