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for A Flower for the Soul

5/20 c36 Prenicolado
Wow, what an amazing story. I’m glad I found this story and read it.
5/19 c36 Shiaira73
Absolutely Fantastic! Not as much interaction with the Blacks as I have become accustomed to with your stories, yet I find myself okay with this. It was still very riveting and Harry's interactions with Tom were endearing. Tom's loss was heartbreaking but necessary. The ending was sweet and left me in happy tears of a job well done. Thank you for delivering another wonderful story I know I will be reading again and again!
5/16 c37 1Dirt Rider 712
Excellent story! Thank you!

Dirt Rider
5/16 c36 11stevem1
Brilliant story.
5/16 c16 5JohnyXD
Thank you.
I'm not saying you should have done anything differently. This is your fanfic, after all. But, I would like to point out a few things in canon.
The Point-Me spell was either found or created by Hermione for Harry to find his way through the maze. It is more likely that she made it since the incantation is in English and not in Latin. But, that's just conjecture.
The Goblet of Fire that chose the names and the Triwizard Cup won at the end are two different things. The first is a magical artifact of unknown origin and the second is merely for showcasing a won tournament.
If the cup had a such a strong compulsion on it, canon Harry wouldn't have waited for Cedric to grab it together with him. Nor would have Cedric for that matter. In any case, I don't understand why was there a need for it, other than forcing Fleur into the mess that followed, of course.
Please keep up the good work.
5/14 c37 Guest
This is brilliant and unique. Thank you bfor a great read
5/15 c36 MasaruUchiha
Amazing fanfiction, Harry's character development from being a depressed and lonely child to slowly opening up to the Delacour family was also amazingly done.

One of the best HP fanfics out there!
5/15 c15 SaintlyMonarch
This story is subpar.
5/15 c15 SaintlyMonarch
5/15 c17 MasaruUchiha
Bro the end of this chapter had me in tears im not going to lie
5/14 c10 SaintlyMonarch
800k for a vial of venom? Bullshit.
5/14 c9 SaintlyMonarch
Why did only Ravenclaw lose points.
5/14 c8 SaintlyMonarch
To take her to the second floor bathroom sounds so perverted xD.
5/14 c7 SaintlyMonarch
He owes her nothing.
5/14 c6 SaintlyMonarch
Why does he speak to Tom out loud?
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