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for A Flower for the Soul

5/14 c36 DCosmicSage38
Best ending here, mate. They lived the rest of their lives happy with each other. Probably, one of the best harry potter fics out there. Love it. Thank you for sharing and completing this story. I am glad that you were able to complete it. I'll read your other fics. Thank you.
5/14 c3 SaintlyMonarch
Absolute trash.
5/13 c36 agouraki
i red this in couple days,

i think you forgot that wizards live like double the max lives of muggles so i dont see how Harry wanted to retire from only the age of 64?
5/13 c3 SaintlyMonarch
Fanfiction authors never realize that not all the houses are together for each class.
5/13 c2 SaintlyMonarch
This fanfiction sucks.
5/13 c2 SaintlyMonarch
Tom sobbed!? xD.
5/13 c1 SaintlyMonarch
Underage magic?
5/13 c1 SaintlyMonarch
47,000 isn't much.
5/13 c27 DCosmicSage38
I thought for a second Dumbledore is gonna be deranged in here
5/13 c36 weedot
Really enjoyed the story, especially the character development of Harry from how lonesome life he has in the beginning to accepting that he is not alone.
5/13 c19 DCosmicSage38
Great job here with the impromptu trial
5/13 c17 DCosmicSage38
Sheeeeeesh you're making their love story epic bro
5/12 c36 jimmy.oz
this was an excellent story and glad to have read it.
5/12 c36 1tsun
5/12 c35 tsun
great chapter.
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