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for A Flower for the Soul

8/27/2023 c17 3WhiteElfElder
Why has nobody just not challenged Fudge to a Dual of Honor with his calling them liars?

Will Harry go get his wand back, or have another crafted?
8/27/2023 c16 WhiteElfElder
Why didn't Harry wear his basilisk armor, and why did he act so out of nature during the was like he lost his ability to reason while fighting like he always had in the past?

What of the wand that Harry took off Krum, why didn't he use it after his was taken?

I do hope Voldemort, nor any of the DEs, gets Harry's primary wand.
8/26/2023 c8 WhiteElfElder
Did Harry only get upper-body, legs, hands, and feet with the hood and/or cloak?
8/26/2023 c1 WhiteElfElder
I hope Harry tells the Dursleys that they are not his kin and that is not his home on his way out the door.
8/24/2023 c32 god eater
lmfao harry is a war criminal love it
8/24/2023 c37 1sexyxox849
this story was amazing
8/24/2023 c22 kingpj999
How does Tom know about Nagini horcrux? It was made in 1994, he shouldn't have any knowledge about her.
8/23/2023 c10 kingpj999
Looks like Voldy finally understand the power of love, it just took him almost sixty year, a painful death and live inside a teenager mind as a soul.
8/22/2023 c2 kingpj999
Very good fight at the end. And I like this Harry as well, he isn't the edge Lord Potter nor the abused child like most fics. He is just a quiet and polite boy who only wants to learn magic to survive.
8/21/2023 c37 szw5009
8/20/2023 c3 5TheFlowerOfTheCourt
Small detail, but Tom Riddle had blue eyes, not green.
8/20/2023 c18 tjtinct
S├ębastien is annoying af haha God damn he makes me want to smack him
8/20/2023 c15 tjtinct
it's getting really corny and forced right about now not a bad fic but the author seems to have problems with relationships and how they formplay out. I'll read till the end to give my final review
8/18/2023 c36 Guest
Damn. Had me almost bawling with the Serana scene
8/17/2023 c36 TrickyTwist
This is an awe inspiring story. For any readers on the fence, do not hesitate, start this journey and enjoy every moment.

Thank you for sharing your work, it has been an absolute pleasure to read.
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