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for A Flower for the Soul

8/14/2023 c36 arrowmaster007
one of the best ships and best fics on here
8/12/2023 c36 odonnellzoo99
Reading a TBR story for the 3rd time is better than a mediocre fic for the first time.
8/12/2023 c1 kingpj999
For those who are doubtful of reading this story be aware that this is one of the best fics ever made, and yes, Tom is Voldemort, or more precisely is Voldemort if he had not taken the dark path. I'm pretty sure Harry has influenced the soul of the horcrux and given him the humanity that he never had.
8/9/2023 c37 Agent Frank
I'm glad I finally checked this out. Very solid story
8/4/2023 c37 whisperheart456
Wow this was amazing! I was not expecting this story to bring me to tears at some points. Thank you so much for sharing.
8/1/2023 c4 Agent Frank
I'm honestly so confused as to why've never given this story a chance before. I've been reading your stories for years I have no idea how I never got to this particular one. The story has been excellent so far.
7/29/2023 c11 Theif Lupin
Phew it wasnt
7/29/2023 c10 Theif Lupin
Why did you change harrys speech to bold when talking to tom hes still talking out loud as seen in previous chapters I just hope it isnt permanent
7/29/2023 c9 Theif Lupin
Dumbledore said calmly
7/29/2023 c7 Theif Lupin
Strange how Ron is more nice and appreciative while barely knowing harry but as his best friend betrayed him multiple times
7/29/2023 c7 Theif Lupin
How the fuck an owl will bring a letter all the way to france will never be answered
7/29/2023 c5 Theif Lupin
Alright thank goodness were back to the italics for tom
7/29/2023 c4 Theif Lupin
Its really throwing me off that hes not speaking in Italics especially because we cant tell whos talking since the author barely uses “Speech” Tom says or Tom Said something to let us know who is talking
7/29/2023 c4 Theif Lupin
Why does tom no longer speak in Italics?
7/29/2023 c2 Theif Lupin
So tom is really a good voldemort inside of his scar? Interesting
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