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for A Flower for the Soul

7/14/2023 c36 Guest
Excelente historia
7/15/2023 c37 1Darknessdawns
My second reading of this story was just as delightful as the first. I noticed more typos, but that happens. At any rate, I'm still enjoying your works as they all are worth multiple readings.
7/5/2023 c29 wtfchrlz
So DD admits to trying to kill Harry and the Order just shrugs it off? Damn no one gives a shit about Harry.
7/5/2023 c27 wtfchrlz
So DD gets off scott free? Harry should've at least kept the wand. Not a fan of this development.
7/5/2023 c26 wtfchrlz
Can't stand this dude.
7/5/2023 c20 wtfchrlz
I cannot stand Dumbledore.
7/5/2023 c19 wtfchrlz
I still don't understand why the word and memories of him and Fleur wouldn't be enough for the government to go after the death eaters he identified. Surely Fudge doesn't have full control over the government. That's what always bothered me about HP, I can buy most of the government being corrupt or inept, but all of them? Why can't he just show the memory to Bones and have her announce Voldemort is back?
7/4/2023 c13 wtfchrlz
I don't know if these other reviewers are reading the same story. Harry obviously has a martyr complex and low self esteem and Fleur's dad sees that and is trying to help. No one is forcing him to do anything. He's shown several times in this story that no one bullies him into doing anything if he doesn't want to do it. Great story so far though.
7/1/2023 c15 2HarryPfanfic
I was excited for a flowerpot story written by the author of stepping back, one of my favourite ones, but up to now, the story has been rather meh.

The trope is very similar, Fleur loving Harry for no deep reason (according to me)... Sebastian founding out his history and trying to help him, etc etc. It isn't bad in any's just very basic and not very unique (up to chapter 15 atleast).

I'll review it again once I complete it.
6/30/2023 c19 kingpj999
Can't wait to see him putting Umbridge in her place at school and how she will act since Harry doesn't need to attends DADA class.
6/30/2023 c17 kingpj999
May He Find the Peace and Love That Life Never Granted
Damm, my heart aches.
6/27/2023 c37 maiqsmail
Beautiful story. I cannot help but to compare it to Cadmean victory, very similar one with morally gray Harry, Flowerpot and Triwizard tournament. It resonates with me more. But this one has its unique moments, like Tom, Serana, more politicking. Very touching story that I enjoyed. My only grievance is that Harry/Fleur never got too physical, not even defloration in the story. Very chaste. Still, thank you.
6/26/2023 c23 maiqsmail
What has been done about the kidnapping of Boot? His father is a lord and spoke to the Daily Prophet about Umbitch, but did not spoke against the kidnapping? Boot walked into the office of his head of the House and that was the last he remembered as he ended up as a hostage in the lake without his consent or knowledge, and he's underaged as well.
6/24/2023 c13 The Sussy Baka
Sebastien Delacour is a GOATED character
6/25/2023 c4 maiqsmail
Plothole. If Granger called reinforcements because "a large dog" have taken Weasley and nobody couldn't have known about Sirius Black being animagus, how come aurors asked about Black when they caught up with Harry? It could be that Lupin spilled the beans earlier about Black being animagus (which is only logical since he believed he dun it, but somehow the ministry failed to add that vital info to Wanted posters?) and then sent patronus update shortly between overhearing Black in the Shack and coming into the shack. But this should be mentioned specifically at least in passing, otherwise: plothole.
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