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for A Flower for the Soul

6/23/2023 c10 The Sussy Baka
Tom talking about girls and love seems a little ooc. As much as I liked the little conversation at the end. Tom is someone supposed to be unable to comprehend love, so dating girls seems off. Unless of course you changed that in your version in which case I’m looking like a fool rn

It could also be that he was just dating them to keep up appearances but even that doesn’t seem like something Tom would do.
6/21/2023 c8 The Sussy Baka
Harry acts a little weird around Fleur. Makes these oddly formal remarks and it just comes off as too edgy imo
6/22/2023 c4 1Sankarea396
y'all I feel like these rituals are him preparing to be good enough for OUR GIRL FLEUR ISABELLE DELACOUR! Keep it up harry and you'll eventually get there
6/19/2023 c6 The Sussy Baka
6/19/2023 c5 The Sussy Baka
Good shit
6/19/2023 c4 The Sussy Baka
Good stuff
6/19/2023 c3 The Sussy Baka
Another thing, your Harry is Extremely relatable. He isn’t a sophisticated braggart who succeeds at everything like every other Harry on this site. No, he’s an intelligent but believable boy like in canon. And I find myself relating to him, especially on the grounds of loneliness. Good job.
6/19/2023 c3 The Sussy Baka
Interesting. Tom & Harry Vs Tom

Also, Serana?! You named the Basilisk after one of Skyrim’s characters?! Was that intentional?

Curious to see where you take this fic.
6/18/2023 c2 The Sussy Baka
I am extremely confused. So, first off amazing chapter. I really like your writing style, it’s really good and not trash like most FanFiction writers on this site. You write like a professional author. Best prose I’ve read since A Cadmean Victory.

Next, I applaud you for condensing the first three years of Harry’s journey into 1 chapter each. I recently read a Harry/Fleur fic that spent the first 30 CHAPTERS on years 1-3 when it was supposed to be centered on year 4.

The part that has me perplexed though is Tom. Why is he fighting himself (Voldemort). Shouldn’t he be trying to weaken Harry and strengthen himself? Or if he plans to use Harry as a vessel, shouldn’t he be able to communicate that with his other self?

Or is this Tom not Tom Riddle (highly doubt that. This Tom is obviously the horcrux speaking).

Curious how you’ll deal with that in year 2. Super confused though and hope that gets explained.

Keep up the good work.
6/19/2023 c37 kageknuser2710
I think I've read this fic 3 or 4 times now, and it never fails to make me cry. I love it so much!
6/18/2023 c1 3The Sussy Baka
This concept is really interesting and I’m surprised no one else has used the Tom speaking to Harry through his mind as effectively as you have.

Also, THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU for NOT making Harry speak formally. I was so sick and tired of all these Harry/Fleur fics that make Harry speak like he’s some 17th century aristocrat. It’s so refreshing to read a fic where he speaks like a normal human.

I have high hopes for this fic. My only complaint is the chapters are very long but that’s not a big deal.
6/18/2023 c15 Torhelm
Wish I could block an author so their works stopped showing up in my feeds. Literally, every Harry you write is a beta.
6/7/2023 c37 tshirt3108
I love satisfying endings
5/2/2023 c36 haphneaufan
This is probably the best epilogue I've read. I love all your stories. Cheers!
4/12/2023 c37 HalfBlood Prince
This story is a work of art, honestly the canonical version of Harry is so frustrating...and the idea of TOM being the one who wrote his own downfall was just poetic...I will definitely re-read it and recommend it to other frustrated fans with the canonical version... (:D) Although I must admit that I spend almost every chapter waiting for the LEMON / SMUT scenes...

Best Regards, Lord Author
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