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for A Flower for the Soul

3/29/2023 c37 Luke MorningStar
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3/23/2023 c27 silver.blast96
Poor poor Harry. Of course it’s not his fault the author sucks at writing. It always makes me sad so see my favorite characters ruined like this
3/22/2023 c36 Sterling-Ag
Fantastic story thanks for sharing
3/22/2023 c35 Sterling-Ag
I think you went overboard on Umbridge's punishment. Don't get me wrong, I hate the character. I just can't see a reasoned judicial body sentencing someone to life for what she did. Her actions were loathsome, petty and caused pain. However their was no deaths nor great injury. A life sentence just breaks my suspension of disbelief. It just feels like an author getting revenge against a character he doesn't like and not what a real court would do.
3/14/2023 c15 iiNeo
Fuck Fleur. Fuck her with a broken rake. Harry has traded one abuser for another. At least the scars he got from the Dursley's weren't magical and have a chance at being fixed with magic.

Harry is a fourteen year old severely traumatised and heavily scarred abuse victim. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and fully expects to die young along with his friends. He got advice from a trusted figure that he should not associate with her, and she, an adult in the wizarding world, agreed. Then she loses her shit, and physically abuses him, while blaming him. And he accepts that blame. He father tells him that because she has feelings for him and is a veela, he is responsible for them.

Harry lets her inflict a massive injury, causing debilitating pain and permanent scarring, taking him out of the tournament he was very much looking forward to winning, because he hurting him would make her feel better.

Harry is a battered housewife, and Fleur should fuck off back to France and never come back.

Their relationship is so unhealthy it's baffling. Then you insult others when they point it out
3/12/2023 c3 Hotseeit
Book 2: The Secrets of Tombledore
3/1/2023 c37 4Deitybringer3101
This was a great story.
2/28/2023 c37 ForgottenPrince
Loved it, very good story.
2/28/2023 c36 Dretnuh
I gotta say what a great story! I always get so sappy when I finish a good story like this especially when you see the person so beaten down and hurt by life finally have a happy ending. Also I’m a big Harmony and/or Harry/Fleur Stan and the 19 years later or however long ending to canon just kind of irks me. Not even the Ginny Harry pairing really but Ron and Hermione never really sat with me. But I digress again fantastic story!
2/28/2023 c35 Dretnuh
Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read. I love how Umbitch is basically being sent off to a torture camp and Sebastian’s just like “yeah she prolly won’t last a year” and everyone is just like GOOD RIDDANCE! XD
2/22/2023 c11 3SatanSan53
Author, put the tag angst, and don't waste any more of my time.
2/22/2023 c28 4Deitybringer3101
“he prodded it gently only for it to prod back much harder, sending him crashing into the wall several feet away”

This made me laugh. I’m loving the story so far! Sad to see I’m almost done with it though
2/15/2023 c29 Ltbutterfly287
Quire honestly the only time I have found Harry likeable is when he interacts with the Delacour's even then it's only sometimes. Ruthlessness and a complete lack of nearly any character traits beyond that don't really make for a good character.
2/15/2023 c20 Ltbutterfly287
84 to the wizarding world really isn’t that old. Wizards can live anywhere from 150-180.
2/14/2023 c19 Ltbutterfly287
That was a pretty terrible presentation of how Arcturus Black would teach Harry to interact politically. What Harry did and some of what he said would equate to immediate political suicide.
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