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for Blood As Cold As Ice

5/16 c19 Carol Moloney
I can't wait to read the rest of this story. Hope it will be updated soon, please. It is a great story. Thank you.
3/18 c5 kkgordon20
Love it
2/10 c12 6rehellams
Thank you for sharing your story.
Please work on pacing.
It is much too frenetic.
No pressure, just keep that in mind.
1/21 c19 burglover421
Great chapter
1/21 c19 Guest
I really like your story, on your next one I suggest working on your pacing. You write like you’re in a hurry no details to properly paint the pictures of the scenes in your chapters. I know your not a pro yet but I hope you take my advice and write some even more awesome stories. :)
12/2/2020 c18 franrizzoli1
Would luv to c this continue.
Please do away with loud mouth needs to feel fear for her neglect abuse towards Jane.
Time both Maura and Jane enjoy their family and life together:)
Tommy should face death penalty. :)
11/29/2020 c1 Maureen K. Jones
Chapter 18 of this story is exactly word for word as Chapter 18 in your story -Jane and Maura: Love and Happiness! The Life We Have Chosen.
11/17/2020 c6 Val Taylor
The story has potential to become a great story. But I cannot read anymore of it. Such unnecessary violence in each chapter. The writing style is very blunt. No descriptive text to it all all. It just bam and sentence then bam another sentence with no real linkage or flow between scenes..
11/16/2020 c18 burglover421
Thank you for this story. I would love to see Senior Criminologist Chang come up with a slow painful untraceable way to get rid of Angela and Tommy and for her to personally over see it!

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