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for Dating an Electrified Uzumaki

12/29/2023 c2 Nitroox
A very unusual and interesting idea! An interesting prologue, and a wonderful second part! Interesting relationships and their development! Nice and wonderfully cute moment between Naruto and Shiori! Interesting end to the second chapter! I haven't read fanfiction with such interest in a long time, and this was what I was looking for! But it’s a pity that it is abandoned... I would like to see the 3rd part... Favorite Story, Follow story. I like this story! Very good! :D
7/29/2023 c2 1Yue Best Waifu
Reine: *looks intensely at naruto when he sees how he took away Shiori's power*

Now that I think about it, does this mean that Reine is going for scissors? Well, I think she might like a good threesome, besides that it would be her first natural spirit partner, Reine should be more than satisfied with Naruto
7/22/2023 c2 Vercingetorix Rex
I find it hard to believe you're continuing what can only be called total nonsense and giving Naruto and Date A Live the middle finger at the same time.

Ratatoskr was built for MALE Shido. They have been watching and monitoring him for years, they do NOT need a RANDOM stranger out of nowhere since they already have Shido or in this case Shiori on hand.

if Shido is female, does that either mean Ratatoskr doesn't exist or one in a different form, maybe lesbian Shiori dating girls?

it also impacts the plot of Date A Live and some female characters like Phantom...and Reine!

it would have been more believable IF Naruto was Shiori and Kotori's big brother OR Ratatoskr having a backup plan involving X male.

it's just a very poor excuse to insert Naruto, Ntr Shido, add more fuckholes.

Date A Crystal does a better job despite only having two chapters, maybe you should take inspiration from it.
7/17/2023 c2 John Smith 135
That's Not A Bad Fan Fiction, I'll Wait For The Continuation, I Liked It. So Naruto Spirit is a Man Clearly, well, Cool and Awesome. So Shido Shiori Is Clear that it's not Bad. I wonder if there's a Harem here? I hope and if so, it turns out that Shiori is Part of it? So Shiori Originally had the ability to Seal the Power of Spirits, but after Sealing Naruto, this Power Was Passed on to him Interestingly, So now Naruto will Save the Spirits Very Much.
As I said, I hope for a Harem.
I Will Share Some Wishes.
Suggestions for the Harem.
Itsuka Shiori.
Yatogami Current.
Itsuka Kotori.
Tobiichi Origami.
Himekawa Yoshino.
Tokisaki Kurumi.
The Yamai sisters.
Izaei Miku.
Keno Natsumi.
Hongjo Nia.
Hoshimiya Mukuro.
Mayuri (Who wouldn't disappear).
Sonogami Rinne (Who Wouldn't Disappear).
Arusu Maria.
Arusu Marina.
The White Queen (Who would somehow get into the Real World).
Yamai Kazamachi (Who would be Separate from the Yamai Sisters).
Takamiya Mana.
Shiizaki Hinako.
Kozue Minova.
Karen Nora Mathers.
Ellen Mira Mathers.
Artemisia Belle Ashcroft.
Kusakabe Ryoko.
Okamine Mikie.
Okamine Tomae.
Higorome Hibiki.
Who would also somehow move into the Real World together with the White Queen.
Murasame Reine.
Takamiya Mio.
Sonogami Rio (Naruto and Rinne's daughter).
7/7/2023 c2 Guest
yep insult Naruto
insult Shido

invents a female Shido out of nowhere which TOTALLY changes the plot of Date A Live only to have an extra hole to fuck and force Naruto into the plot of Dal!

Bravo! I congratulate you! a DICK FOR BRAIN you have!
7/7/2023 c1 Guest
yep insult Naruto
insult Shido

invents a female Shido out of nowhere which TOTALLY changes the plot of Date A Live only to have an extra hole to fuck and force Naruto into the plot of Dal!

Bravo! I congratulate you
7/7/2023 c2 Guest
DICK-Nasty continue his trash with his self-insert 'naruto' lmao

ruins Dal's plot with a random genderbender Shiori to add an extra hole to fuck.
No respect for the characters, starting with Naruto himself! Torn from his dream, he agrees to date unknown girls?

Wtf is this retarded excuse! Oo
7/7/2023 c2 3Evil-Mech Lord Apex
This was a great chapter the date between Naruto and Shiori was amazing. I laughed when Shori's reaction to Naruto living with them after he became her boyfriend, and I can't wait to see her reaction to when Naruto having the same powers as her and Kotori wants him to date other spirits to seal their powers.

Good luck with the next chapter and I can't wait to see more.
7/7/2023 c2 Oops idk
7/7/2023 c2 Dasgun
7/7/2023 c2 dreams657
amazing hope to see more in the future
7/7/2023 c2 Phantom Thief of Hearts
I don't like the whole thing about turning Naruto into a Spirit, it seems forced and useless to me... but you convinced me by using Shiori as a character, XD.

The canon events of Date A Live should change because Naruto is the MC, he is different from Shido.
The first meeting with Tohka should be different (considering that Shiori was the first girl. So the dynamics will be different with Naruto and the other spirits).

Will there be an explanation as to why the Sealing ability was transferred to Naruto? Did Kurama realize what happened?

On the other hand, I wonder if the non-canon Spirits will appear (Rinne, Maria, Marina, Mayuri, Rio, Ren, etc). That would be interesting.

Will you use characters and events from Date AST Like?
Yes, I hope the harem isn't just Spirit Girls.

And I hope that the pace of events is slower and the relationships between the characters develop better (For example, how will Shiori react when she finds out that her boyfriend must act like a Playboy and seduce other girls? That is something that Naruto wouldn't easily agree since he doesn't understand romantic love and he is starting a relationship of that kind with Shiori)...I understand that this was just the beginning but I feel that things happened too fast.

Good luck, and I hope the next chapter doesn't take years to come out, XD.
7/7/2023 c2 5EROstrator
an unexpected update. very nice, very sweet. keep up ur excellent work. we expect another updatr with shorter hiatus time XD
7/7/2023 c2 SPark681
Hmm, a nice story so far can't wait to see more anyways keep up the great work!
7/7/2023 c2 Spellbat
I didn't think you were ever going to update this story. Nice to know I was wrong.
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