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5/31 c16 78Loafer
"And don't call me sweetie." - hahahahahaa love it.

Adventure! Suspense! Mayhem in the darkness! And partnership & security & everything as it should be plus the blue shirt!

Yes, please.
5/3 c15 10Enver-Pasha
Bro really? You’re going to drop it off like that, bruh
5/2 c15 78Loafer
Yes! Partners back in sync, with just a look!

"This little thing?" Hahahahaha!

And the sheep bit? That is vintage Shawn-n-Gus. Excellent.
4/18 c14 Loafer
I have an excuse... medical misadventures.

But I'm here now and y'know, as much as I'm a diehard Lassiet fan, I do like Deborah very much. She has a way of being able to calm him as well as make him nervous, and clearly she doesn't scare easily.

And then that cliffhanger!
3/8 c13 Loafer

OK... introspective Juliet is another of my favorite things, so thanks, and you know I share that sense that they each feel a sense of belonging to each other even if it's only as partners.

Now if only that low growl came from Lassiter...
3/7 c12 Loafer
Another good chapter, even if I am ridiculously late getting here.

I like that he brought up Lucinda, that he trusted Juliet to do that. And I like their partnership mucho. His self-awareness is growing, and important, even if he's wrong-headed most of the time.
2/16 c11 Loafer
I WAS waiting! And I actually read this the day it came out but it was on my phone and I wasn't logged in and I don't leave anon reviews and then a week passed and...

Anyway. This is a good chapter in that it's sadly accurate, I think, in showing how Carlton was at that time about Victoria. Completely understand Juliet's frustration-feel it myself!-and glad she took a few verbal swipes at him because he needed an outside reality check.

Poor messed-up guy. (But he got bettah!)
1/20 c10 Loafer
Suspicious electrician!

"The coat was new. The annoyance etched into her face was not." - classic!

How lovely (not) to see Victoria again. You wrote her well, but then she is easy to dislike.

P.S. Congrats on the gold Vic answer. :-)
1/11 c9 Loafer
Verrrrry interesting. From her time with Lassiter, to her self-analytical time alone, to her time with Shawn and the call with Deborah.

300-page chapters would be... long! But mostly I'd hate waiting for them. :-) This one was JUST the right length. Meaty!

(I have no memory of Juliet driving on her own apart from in her Bug, but that doesn't mean you should trust me.)
1/6 c8 Loafer
Oh, I do love a cranky Juliet. I also love a cranky Lassiter and how they play off each other, knowing each other but still finding each other mysterious.

Nice long tease, making us wait to find out about the date, but it was worth it.
12/27/2020 c7 Loafer
Ha! That ending was great. I love seeing Juliet's competitive side. She CAN do anything! Booyah!

I remember that deleted scene- good use of it here. I liked both of those characters. Always felt that the lack of women writers on the show was one of its flaws. (But then that's why we have fanfiction.)
12/23/2020 c6 Loafer
I'm late again!

This feels right. Was he likely to be a perfect date? Nope. But was he likely to show some of the reasons Juliet wanted Deborah to give him a chance? Yes. And Deborah herself was a charmer, patient and tolerant.

Quite curious to see whether he says yea or nay to her last line.

(I'm not a food describer by nature but I do scope out menus for my OWN education!)
12/19/2020 c5 Loafer
*gasp* hate the taste of coffee! YOU HAVE GOBSMACKED ME!

(I mean, I can't drink the stuff unless it's served in mocha form, but Lassiter? I thought cops had coffee in their veins!)

Anyway, love how you're inching closer to ... what I hope you're inching toward.
12/16/2020 c5 10Enver-Pasha
This is some good stuff right here, I look forward in reading some more of it continues
12/11/2020 c4 78Loafer
How did I miss this update? It had PIE! It had wrist-holding! It had investigationarianism!


Anyway, I like it, and I've never seen any Waitress "flavors" either.
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