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3/29 c36 3SidJ
Really not enjoying the religious mess your wading into. Hope you have a plan.
3/25 c36 DeathCrawler
look forward the next chapters
3/3 c36 1Redpyramid1
Fun story, can't wait for more!
3/3 c8 1Kulha
Is he fucking around? How does turning a whole bullet into superheated gas and a bit of a, again, superheated bullet make for a smaller wound on the security guard?

The scene with the thugs was so cringe, man. I hope you don't do more of them in the future.
3/3 c7 Kulha
That last bit was super random. Hopefully, it's not some scheme by Hydra to see the MC involved.

Then again, what self-respecting carjacker fires a gun in the air first? You do it on the DL so you don't attract attention to yourself. That's why I think it's a setup. On the other hand, it could be some retarded plot convenience. We'll see.
3/3 c6 Kulha
At least he's showing some spine now.

Also, why is it that every time that an author makes a character rob from criminals he has to give some of it to some nebulous charity organizations just to make it look like a good deed? From my point of view, it's taking money from crooks to give to other crooks since most charity organizations are as corrupt as they come. Just take the damned money and don't act like some noble soul!

The Ancient One is obviously trying to manipulate him, and I thought he figured that out already with how on the nose she's being. Ofc, he's manipulating her too so it's a race to see who can get the most out of the other.
3/3 c5 Kulha
Why is he acting like some random nobody that knows nothing about the real world when he literally worked on Krypton for years and orchestrated a conspiracy of his own? He could have told SHIELD to piss off and not give them anything and they could have done nothing about it. Ofc, that's not the smartest thing in the long run but why is he acting all insecure about giving them a slap on the wrist?

I'm not sure if it's just an act that he's putting on to scam the Ancient One or a limitation of the author to properly characterize the MC.
3/3 c3 Kulha
How smart is he if he thinks that his presence hasn't already changed things? Not to mention inventing new things. That's not just butterflies flapping wings, that's Mothra.
3/2 c27 MattBlack
Turning to religion is not the best move... Many of historys greatest atrocities were made in the name of religions... If you believe you have god on your side, it's easy to turn into a frothing fanatic maniac... "hallowed are the righteous, smite the blasphemers!"
3/2 c1 majikss
this story would be better if he was in space instead of interacting with shield
2/23 c3 Valor-Derzod
Don’t give a goddamn kryptonian even more powers dog please
2/19 c31 odin928
I liked the West Wing reference you had in this chapter with the Lincoln discussion.
2/17 c13 1MysticRising
From the response, I personally hate the idea of vex 'humanizing'. Idk if youve read 'going native' by ideas guy, he's a good writer even if his writing is kinda cliched in one perspective, but I like the idea that the character embraces their new species as their identity. The thought of Vex ignoring his kryptonian origins seems kinda shitty to me.
2/17 c5 MysticRising
I would say it was an overreaction from your part. You could have handled it better."
The ancient one sounds like a botch. Sure things could be handled better, but she doesn't have context for why that is so important to Vex. For example, lets say someone, a spouse, throws away an old doll or something. But it turns out that doll was the last momento of their spouse's family or something. We would call them being upset an overreaction, but we don't know the value it holds to them. Or say a girl who had an abusive boyfriend and she reacted badly to a pushy guy. Butchy move ancient one.
Oh, and seriously? 'Yes I am an alien, my peopleare dead' at least he didn't start saying he was weak to red sunlight. So while his initial interaction was bad, the follow up is quite nice. Also, how the hell does he maintain knowledge of marvel? Its been years, and a lifetime. Surely he would have forgotten
2/17 c36 exomatt
So is vex going to call all of the christians of the world to go on a crusade against the us gov, or declare war on them himself? What's the retaliation for attacking him? Solid story so far tho, and good writing.
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