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20h c39 1OoOXylionOoO
Very nice fanfic !
6/23 c39 Guest
yeaaah become a god before making more kryptonians

maybe a realm lord like cytorak and stuff

Be god emperor of the kryptonians and Humans (cuz thanos has a big ass army and I think vex would go for the efficient option of having an army at his back too)

let the kryptonians be his custodians and his children primarchs

hope he doesnt stop growing stronger to not get complacent tho
6/22 c15 OoOXylionOoO
Welp, new powers :D
6/22 c4 OoOXylionOoO
Entrance with style hum
6/22 c3 OoOXylionOoO
GOAT power
6/22 c39 1Nai Darkor
Hunting Infinity Stones is an adequate pasttime.
6/21 c39 55Death Fury
Excellent chapter
6/21 c39 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
6/21 c39 3loki98065
nice chapter. intresting youve got half the eternals on side already. please promise bruce wont try and inject himself with the bio weapon cause he thinks it would kill the hulk lol
question the sheild that the accient one guards is part of a network that streaches across the univserse no? what would happen if the earth was destroyed? demons flood in or would the other points pick up the slack?
6/21 c38 LeightonWD
hahaha yea he deserved that.
6/21 c39 myafroatemydog
Great chap
6/21 c39 marlastiano
good for Jane :)
6/20 c7 Fredward1
The dialogue still feels bland. No one has their distinct tone. Everyone has the same vocabulary and “pacing” as the ai. In other words, it feels like you could swap one persons lines and you wouldnt notice. Theres no change to the “tone” when someone speaks
6/20 c5 Fredward1
I forgot how much handholding the mc needs even with 2 lives worth of experience and a super brain. He can’t come to conclusions on his own and needs it broken down barney style because he’s that much of an idiot.
6/20 c2 Fredward1
I would like to state once again after rereading this story that he got absolutely nothing from this negotiation. He gave them everything.
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