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1/13/2021 c1 9Nymph of Faeryland
There’s an ad on this chapter.
Of a woman with a knife.
1/6/2021 c3 HellRaiderS
Loved it
1/5/2021 c3 jbugay501
Great chapter keep it up!
1/5/2021 c3 11readingbooksforlife
ugh, thank you for making it so much more realistic. we can't expect percy to give up on annabeth just like that. i usually hate non-mortal aus for pertemis, because it seems unrealistic for them to be together unless they're mortals, but i love how you're taking it much slower.
1/5/2021 c3 Guest12345678910
This story's so good! As far as I can tell, you're a great author! Update soon!
1/5/2021 c3 Flashlan
Not a bad chapter. I'm glad that you updated, I'm rather intrigued by the story. I like how you said Percseus would try to go to the Underworld for Annabeth. I believe, in the Percy Jackson Greek Heroes book, it is said that if Annabeth died, he would go to the Underworld to get her back like Orpheus. Of course, Perseus knows the main entrance to the Underworld, Orpheus' entrance, and can simply have Mrs. O Leary shadow travel him because she herself is a creature of darkness. I believe Perseus going to the Underworld for Annabeth is the most realistic scenario instead of him trying to move on. However, Hades is not Perseus' favorite fan and likely wouldn't help him, even if Nico asked. I hope you are having a great day (or night, time zones and all) and I eagerly wait for the next chapter.
1/5/2021 c3 1Wavey2362
Good work as always and I'm interested in what will happen with Percy/ what his plan is now.
It's currently only slowly developing tho so to be honest i Had to read the first two chapters again to remember what this is about, I'm really reading too much.
Anyways, I hope you won't sell the other characters of the riordanverse short and also show maybe something from another point of view/focus whatever. That's it I think for now
12/29/2020 c1 2Goldie Mercury
You're a great writer
12/5/2020 c2 2Writer2006
So good!
11/30/2020 c2 1Wavey2362
Nice, kinda a filler but helps to develop/show the characters so good work here again.
This definitely has the potential to be a great book.
I have actually two things.
First i like how you include the other characters as well, that's not that often and I hope you still make em appear in little parts of the story, because it just would be wrong to only set focus on 2 or so characters, I mean they're his friends and they would always help.
Diana was a bit tactless by the way.
Secon shrine is I hope you first make Percy and Artemis friends and take a slow approach to their relationship. A lot of people like it when they directly get their pairing at the start of the book but that is just so unrealistic I would appreciate it if you would take your time and make kinda some awkward atmosphere.
I have a third point actually and that is that you should remember that for example Phoebe and a lot of other hunters died in blood of Olympus so if you include the hunt at some point remember to make em a bit grieve sticken and think of a couple new names maybe Google some of the 1800s or so.
Otherwise you'll only find the cliched ones and I think you're good enough to avoid that.
That's it for now, see ya next chapter and good luck.
If you want pointers/ideas/whatever I'll be there to review
11/30/2020 c1 Wavey2362
Nice and well written with that das mood
To quote you
The Nike cabin, Ethan
Ethan is a son of nemesis just so you can fix that one.
Otherwise good work
11/30/2020 c2 HellRaiderS
Loved it
11/30/2020 c2 That Person
Some people have no tact, cough Diana cough. *Cue real coughing fit*
11/30/2020 c2 BJack12
I like the story and I hope you continue it for a while. Please don’t leave it on hiatus for a long time, but give an A/N if you do. It has potential and I would really like to see it.
11/30/2020 c2 Emily
Hi! This story was really good I got really into it, I hope you finish the story soon. Can't wait to read all of it soon!
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