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1/12 c1 WhiteAngelKillua
I haven't read this/fic yet, since I haven't finished Part 1 of the "Main Story", but I got to admit it/the story description sounds interesting, and I always love like different stories done by the same author but set in the same universe or like slight canon-AU divergences (This one more the former of course), so this is cool.

Anyway, looking forward to slows updates of this; alongside the "main story": "AKIWOH". I am happy that you made this more of a spin-off, instead of Part 2 of "AKIWOH", because, even though I am looking forward to more of this story, I am glad that you won't really be detracting from Killua and the main cast in Part 2 anymore with this split-off (Interesting way to describe it; haven't really seen it described like that way before) story. Also, even though I haven't finished Part of "AKIWOH" yet, I can somehow guess the brutal killing was most likely done by Killua. If so, I can imagine, her and the other witness(es) maybe affecting Killua's life quite a bit, at least later on. Don't know if this guess by me is right though.

Either way, excited for slow updates of this alongside the main story, and maybe for the cast in this fic of this HxH-MHA fused world might meet the main cast of "AKIWOH" like Killua later in this fic or the main fic, because that could be interesting.
11/25/2020 c1 ReflectiveReader
Good into my friend, I can tell I'll like the story already.
11/23/2020 c1 Ainz
Overlord and hxh crossfic where evileye sent to hxh world after her death from entoma.

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