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for A New Player in Resol'nare

7/13 c2 Devilking1994
Will you be continuing this story or has it been abandoned?

It deserves a chance we need more stories like A New Player In The Force and I think this story could be just as good
6/1 c2 Scottch
I have a small amount of confusion at his annoyance when he's the one who wanted to do it?
6/1 c1 Scottch
Looking forward to this
5/14 c2 29Death Fury
5/14 c1 Death Fury
3/23 c2 Diabolos Aides
Great story I can't wait to read more
2/12 c2 Guest
When is the next update?
or has this story been abandoned?
2/7 c2 1Enneas
Hope the story starts.
2/4 c2 Anon
There were zero reasons why these chapters needed to be split. I wouldn't post things unless there is actually some kind of progress in the plot or a hook. Like, if this was a book, you would have lost 99% of your readers already.
1/29 c2 Inritus
So at the start of the chapter your character reminded me of those emo edgelords that needed to put through other hell so he would appreciate what he has gotten but got better as I read the chapter, then I got to the part about him being a whiny little shit because he didn't get Beskar... I kind of hope he never does lol. I know he's still going to get some though. I'm also curious on what type, is it going to be light like Fets was or heavy with a lot more options?

The reason on why his father hates the Empire is also... well it's pathetic and doesn't make sense since he's a Mandalorian. He was given the ok to hunt the ones who betrayed the contractors (at least that's what I got from reading this part) and avenge his wife therefore he has settled the debt, but no he decided he wants to go sabotag the Sith Empire dispite the fact he has killed his wife killers. Let me guess he's the type to bomb a McDonald's for forgetting to remove the pickles, because that's the vibe I'm getting. I'm hoping his father dies a dishonorable death because at this point he's not a Mandalorian but someone with fancy armor and training. But what do I know maybe your Mandalorian are different from canon and would betray everyone part of a group because of a few, so if a someone who's part of the Republic betrays your character I should expect him to start bombing and killing those in the Republic right?
The Sith Empire isn't great and honestly they wouldn't last as no Empire in history has when it's built on the backs of slaves. But the Republic was barely any better as they were corrupt as one could get and are shit at protecting those not in the core worlds.

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate your story, I just don't like some of the reasons you've given us on why your characters family is traitors and your character personality at this point. But I'm also aware that this story is new and has endless possibilities on how it can grow.
1/29 c1 Inritus
While you picked a good clan at least, I do have a few questions to ask also there are Zabraks that life and are raised outside of Dathomir.
1. Why the absolute ever loving fuck did you choose human? Every stupid fucker chooses human and it seems they do it because they're dumb fuckers, so please if you don't mind could you tell us your reasons when you could have been the aftermention Zabrak or something rare and extremely hard to kill like a Gen'Dai?
2. I'm curious on why you decided to add Elder Scrolls spells into the mix? While I love Elder Scrolls most if not all thier spells can be replicated by the force, especially if you're using Legends and not the shit Disney has done(fuckers should have never touched the lore). You have Sith Sorcery (Not the Sith Sorcerer, they don't use actual Sith Sorcery) you could use to have recreate the spells, granted you'd need to get a hold of a holo or scroll on it plus a Sith amulet (unless he's one of the rare ones to use it naturally), then there's the Nightsisters Arcane magic.
3. Are you going to go and try and get as many Jedi, Sith, and other forces societies holocron and other force artifacts? Since you're in the Old Republic timeline you have the opportunity to get many, many, many goodies lol. Plus getting certain artifacts and Holocron will screw over the heretical sith that the idiot Bane(great Sith but his rule of two was always doom to fail) created.

I'm curious on how you're going to do in this story.
1/25 c2 ghostitan
really good chapters keep it up and stay safe
1/24 c1 Eins minus zwei
"When a programmer gets the abilities of the Gamer..." I am sure Webnovel has the answer to that. The world really doesn't need any more "the gamer" and "with a system" or "god gave me wishes" stories.
1/15 c2 Bright Omumuabuike
Nice story, but you have to cut down on reduntant information, like 80% of everything is a list
12/28/2020 c2 frankieu
interesting set up of the story
do hope there is an actual story and not just listing of powers
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