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8/2 c3 GabbyGrapist
Aaaahhhh! I love this so much. Tsuna is the usual adorable cinnamon roll who’s about to reign chaos down on the mafia world (which I am so here for). Poor Feri, just trying to help and he becomes a trampoline. I don’t read a lot of fics with a living Daniela so I’m excited to see her trolling some of the most powerful people in the mafia world. Specifically Reborn b/c there’s not many who could tease him and live to tell the tale. And I had a hardy chuckle when Tsuna’s inner monologue said about Fon being a carnivore. lol. Is this where Kyoya learned it?

But yes. I immensely enjoyed what you’ve got so far. Keep up the great work. I look forward to what’ll happen next.
7/18 c3 qiaraz97
Awww. Tsuna was so adorable! I hope the arcos become his guardians. And then the 10th gens. Large amount of guardians. That's cool. Hahahah
5/18 c3 3arcobalenox27
this is awesome . and I cackle in madness
5/17 c3 1GiuliaZe
Tsuna is adorable as always he conquered his grandma and Fon was absolutely charmed by the little Sky! I hope to see them Bond soon, Tsuna needs someone who will save him from that idiot of his father Daniela's revenge is going to be awesome! Thanks for the amazing chapter!
5/17 c3 AutumnWolf90
Poor Feri getting jumped on continuously by a hyper active toddler Tsuna. Tsuna I like your red to Fon was hilarious. Look forward to reading the next chapter!
3/13 c2 Delirium5600
Ths is adorable and I wonder whatvwill happen next?
2/5 c2 LavaLilly
This is so sweat.
1/18 c2 2Coton-de-Loup
I just found your fic, and I like it! :3
It is really fun and entertaining to read so I will keep an eye open for it 00
(ps : I just... like cute tuna-fishy so much 00)
1/17 c2 23Mel Writer
Of course, Tsu-chan, you just enjoy all the soft, pretty colours. The world around you is about to get all kinds of messy, but for now, enjoy your dreams, little bunny.
1/17 c2 3arcobalenox27
this is adorable
1/17 c2 33Plew A.E
Tsuna is adorable ! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions to our Tuna-fishy !
11/22/2020 c1 23Mel Writer
This is adorable, and I can't wait to read more!

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