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for Strong bonds

4/26/2022 c5 yonyoni
this is such a perfect fic. I love seeing how everyone reacts to what's happening, and how tsuna is creating havoc and trying to bond with so many elements so unconsciously hahahah its so instintual for him, and im sure its not common to just go for it and try to harmonize this way. i'm even more pleased with both reborn's and fon's reactions. how fon is flame drunk and loves tsuna already, and how reborn is like 'i dont have time for this right now, hold on' hahahahha

i hope tsuna continues to mingle with the pretty colours, and many more succumb to his homely, happy warmth

thanks for writing!
3/5/2022 c5 9Zaidee Lighthart
This is adorable. I can’t wait to see where this goes. Thanks for writing this and sharing it with us.
1/30/2022 c5 qqn
J’aime beaucoup ton histoire pour l’instant, Tsuna est vraiment trop mignon! Les PDV que j’ai préférés sont ceux de Tsuna, Fon, et Reborn personnellement. J’ai hâte de lire la suite!
1/30/2022 c5 Stachelbeere
This is so very cute! Im melting with you, Fon, my friend.;)
1/29/2022 c5 qiaraz97
Aawwwww. Tsuna was sucking thumb! so adorable what the heck. thumb sucking is not good for kids yes. but its cute a hell!

and protective Fon and Reborn is just so... well I just love it... haha.

Thank you for the update!
1/28/2022 c5 AutumnWolf90
So adorable!
1/28/2022 c5 peace-out later 57
this is awesome sauce
1/24/2022 c4 6TheOlympus
Interesting, I love it so far. I want to see more their interactions, hope you will continue this Fanfiction.. I'll be your new fans readers, don't give up!
1/23/2022 c4 1WaterDoodles
I just noticed my spell cheek change Tusna to Tsunami... still an awesome chapter!
1/18/2022 c4 AutumnWolf90
Yay an update! I love this story so much, all the chaos Tsuna is unaware he is causing. looking forward to more!
1/16/2022 c4 Blackcat0504
you updated :DDDDD im so happy :DDDDDDD
1/16/2022 c4 peace-out later 57
I had a giggle at the end of the chapter.
1/16/2022 c4 qiaraz97
Ah. Oblivious baby Tsuna is so adorable. If he harmonized with the arcos I hope he avoids getting sealed.

I was so happy for this update! Thank you
1/16/2022 c4 WaterDoodles
Yay! Reborn and tsunami finally meet! So cute!
1/16/2022 c4 2Coton-de-Loup
Heeeyyoo ! Nice chapter Reading about little Tsuna brightened my day too !

Until next time !
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