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4/13 c16 7MissusH
This is the second time I’ve read through this, and I think I loved it more than the first. The end chapters, when Lucien and Jean find one another again, and they start processing through their trauma, made me cry. You write so well; your dialogue and characterization is spot on. I know that not many people write for TDBM much any more, but I very much hope to see more from you.
3/16/2021 c16 425AndAllThatMishigas
Such a beautiful ending. Tender and deep and just absolutely beautiful. You have created a masterpiece here and I am in awe of your dedication and skill and genius plot. Supremely well done from start to finish. The fandom is blessed to have this gem.
3/16/2021 c15 AndAllThatMishigas
Love the slow but loving recovery as the trauma comes through. It’s so hard to see him suffer but of course it makes sense and to have Jean there with such soft strength and so much love, it just warms my heart. And! Mattie! This is perfect.
3/15/2021 c14 AndAllThatMishigas
The most! Beautiful! Reunion! Ughhhhh I’m cry this is so good. Jean is finally with him to take care of him as only she can and they never have to be apart again and I am emotional.
3/15/2021 c13 AndAllThatMishigas
I’m so relieved he is out of the nightmare and free and recovering but goddddd it’s so stressful and awkward to be there with ex wife and estranged daughter. Two women he loves very much and who comfort him, of course, but not in the way he really needs. Neither of them have the warmth of a beautiful reunion that he needs. But it is best this way, that he ease into the emotional things. He’ll be better by the time Jean arrives.
3/15/2021 c12 AndAllThatMishigas
Good god these twists and turns! You weave an absolutely brilliant action thriller and I’m living for the suspense!
3/8/2021 c11 AndAllThatMishigas
THIS IS SO GOOD! I love when Lucien is clever. He’s got a plan and he’s making it happen. Patience is not his strong suit and I am glad to see the struggle in him here. And then! They talk about their children! Lucien is such a good bean, his heart is so kind and strong and good. And that last line absolutely slayed me. So so so good.
3/8/2021 c10 AndAllThatMishigas
The relationship between these women is so fascinating. I am so pleased with the kindness with which you treat Mei Lin. She isn’t very likable for a lot of reasons but she does want to do what’s right. And we see that here.
3/8/2021 c9 AndAllThatMishigas
This might be the most in sense and horrific thing I’ve ever read outside of horror books. Good golly. I don’t even have words. Poor Lucien, forced to think of survival above all also now, the pain of having to sacrifice another person for his own gain. Ugh this is so hard.
3/7/2021 c16 pumpkinspicelove
These final two chapters were terrific. Beautiful and tearful reunions, engaging conversations, some moments of levity and the fact that Jean and Lucien were together again at home made this a wonderful read. I loved it all but I guess my two favorite scenes were the scene with Alice and then the final conversation where Lucien encouraged Jean to share her struggles in his absence. And the line "just because you got what you wanted doesn't mean everything is fine" just jumped out at me as a truth for any of us. Thanks for writing!
3/4/2021 c16 Guest
Good job chick. Would love an epilogue if it comes to you and insists on being written.
3/4/2021 c16 27YesMadamePresident
Friend. Darling. B a b e. This is so good. Oh, this is just perfect. I love everything. Jean and Mattie are just perfect. You capture their dynamic so WELL, the very specific mixture of a mother/daughter and friend/friend relationship. And when Alice showed up! I love that woman with my whole heart and ohhhhhhh sweet baby Alice you poor poor thing. Lucien not saying any of the right things and that's how she should know it's him? Perfect. Also just the fact that the first thing she said was "you fell 30 feet" like, of course that's where she goes. It fits with her personality and the way she was just so convinced he was gone. And hhhhhhh this line - "And now all that anger, devastation, guilt, resignation, and acceptance had collapsed all around her, out of sequence and without adequate explanation. Alice Harvey did not deal in miracles." Good heavens. My gracious. Be still my heart, and other such exclamations. It just hits DIFFERENT okay I love it. Finally, the conversation at the end with Lucien and Jean. First of all the whole didn't want to open her mouth but then OH opening her mouth wasn't an issue. Immaculate. And then Jean's guilt, the whirlwind of her thoughts and the way you wove her inner monologue into the scene, it just broke my heart for her and made it all the better when Lucien reassured her. His words give me LIFE. Jeanie, and let me hold you, and you will never be alone again, and he's going to MAKE time, damn it. It's so perfect and so HIM and just everything Jean needed to hear and everything *I* wanted to hear from him, to her. And the last! Line! Was! Also! Perfect! Absolutely the right way to end this fic. Just spend the rest of your life next to me. That's all I need. Gosh I love it so much. Please note that I have used the word "perfect" 5 times during this review. It's cause it is. Seriously and I'm not saying there is one but knowing myself and other writers and how our brains work let me say this: if there is any tiny small liar voice in your head that tries to convince you that this beautiful work of art is anything less than incredible, please banish it for all eternity. It is a MASTERPIECE. Mona Lisa? Idk her. Michelangelo's david? Never heard of him. Starry night? New phone who dis. I refer everyone to please refer to Sparkling Silence of a Dream before they try to call anything else a masterpiece. I am BLESSED to have read this. When my sister finishes Ghost Stories and is understandably furious I'm just going to be like I've got the fic for you! And fix all of her troubles with this, the very epitome of fix-it fics. Okay thank you for reading this absolute novel of a review that is getting ridiculously long. In short, you're awesome. And I love your writing immensely.
2/26/2021 c15 PerfectSublimeRebel
Lovely chapter, with Lucien casting his mind back to his past and seeing not just Ballarat but the house in a totally new light. Love the characterisation of Mattie and Matthew. So true to form. The gladness and thankfulness that Lucien feels just shines through your writing. Well done.
2/26/2021 c15 YesMadamePresident

Oh what a lovely surprise! His hand being intercepted by another and of course im like oh it's matthew but it was MATTIE and the big fat smile still hasn't left my face! Gosh I'm glad she's here. Also! This line: "In sickness and in health was all well and good at the altar, but Lucien never intended for Jean to take care of him this way, the way she cared for his father." It's so poignant? Like, I was already totally on board with Lucien being an awful patient and the whole emotionally-and-physically-traumatized-person-hates-needing-help trope but then THAT line just took it to another level and like. Made me understand Lucien's feelings in a way I didnt before and in a way that's completely unique to him and his situation. The whole fear of becoming his father jean being "just the housekeeper" seeing his father's weakness in his last days lucien's own guilt not wanting to be a burden...it's all wrapped up together into one big ole pile of emotions and that line just, idk it just worked so well. Also loved the reunion with Matthew. It felt very good and real and appropriate! I really hope we get to see him reunite with Alice too! That'll be great. Hate to think that this fic is coming to an end because it's just SO lovely but all good things must.
2/18/2021 c14 pumpkinspicelove
Oh, my, this chapter was so beautiful and intense and moving. The reunion of Jean and Lucien was so cathartic for them and for us readers. And so much was revealed and expressed. Thanks!
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