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for Fixing Mistakes

11/22/2020 c1 131signelchan
Every time you post a fic, I'm left wishing that you wrote more, because it's always so good and so in character whenever you do write and post. This fic really does wonders at fixing the scene you're referring to, and I know that what we want most is for character motivations and decisions to feel right for the characters themselves, not just for the overarching story line, so you bridge that gap and make Claude feel less like a jerk when it comes to getting the diary.

Seriously, I don't know why they thought having his behavior be how it was would be a smart idea.

Anyway, I love how real and true to canon everyone feels in this, the lines seem like they've been ripped straight from the game elements and thrown into your fic, and your justification for how they would fix the strained relationship is completely plausible. Byleth wouldn't withhold information forever, she just needs the time to cope, and you've given her exactly that, while letting Claude realize he'd done wrong to not give her that to start. Amazing work as always, and I look forward to seeing what 3H fic you post next!


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