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for Recollection Rick

1/20 c47 mobazan27
I’m glad you’re continuing. I would, selfishly, like to read ALOT more about Caskett. They seemed more like roommates and parenting units than lovers. Just my take.
1/8 c24 FlavorCountry
Nice pull from Star Trek. I'm sure by now you've been corrected. It's Charlie Brill, not Marty, but that's oakie dokie. An editor would correct such a superficial story error, and besides, it's the Trek that counts...

This story has gotten ahead of me, and I'm behind, but I'll catch up. Thanks for writing.
1/7 c47 Ellen Outlaw
Great story. Looking forward to the next one.
1/7 c47 jennkyle
Great job can't wait for your next one I just love your writing tell next time
1/7 c46 jennkyle
Another great chapter
1/7 c47 sasans
Very good finish to anther very good story. I like this AU and look forward to the next section.
1/7 c47 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
I love this story and I'm sorry to see this instalment end but already looking forward to the next. Keep up the amazing work and thanks for all of your hard work.
1/7 c45 jennkyle
Great Chapter
1/7 c47 life's a mystery
great update
1/7 c47 Shira Bernholtz
Loved the story- looking forward to the next one.
1/7 c47 tallcajun
Another delightful story - thank you. Looking forward to the next one. You work is special.
Great way to end this story. Good writing.
1/7 c47 Jokin
Loved this story as usual. cant wait for the next one. Sounds like a fun ride. AM would be proud of your protrayal of our favorite couple. Great job
1/7 c47 17wendykw
This story has been fun. I appreciate the introduction to Acapella Science on youtube that the story engendered. Rick's foray into Trivia TV is a marvelous premise for a story, and you did a great job with it. Thanks.
1/7 c47 Manxkid
Wonderful way to wrap up the story- thank you so much. Until the next one - tomorrow!
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