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for do you know what i believe in? (look into my eyes and see)

3/30 c1 Lovepeaceandwar
I love reading your writing because the interactions between characters feel real and human. For example, that scene where Eponine says she wishes she was more maternal felt genuine. I completely agree about the character development this fandom give Enjolras and Eponine (who is already one of the most complex characters in the brick).
11/22/2020 c1 Leah4Jacob4ever
Please write more stories with this couple. I love Enjonine so much. You can put them in any situation & it works. I wish there were more stories with them. You could attempt a story with Enjolras as a Prince & Eponine as whatever - probably not starting off as a Royal. All I find are Enjolras/Grantaire stories like that.. *sigh*
11/22/2020 c1 33classof1832
This is so sweet! Good job!

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