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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

10/16 c42 8srhittson
I loved this story
10/13 c41 Ahart16
This could be rewritten as a movie. Or a short Netflix series. Seriously it’s awesome!
10/10 c42 anonehmoose
I absolutely adored this this was amazing!
9/29 c27 Guest
Omg! Evelyn its a bitch!
9/26 c42 Jeniffer
Loved the book. I do wish we would have found out if something ever happened between Uriah and Christina though.
9/12 c42 Guest
I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Thank you, thank you to you both. So lovely to see them happy and loving their lives. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on next
9/12 c42 yanna B
YES YES YES. I so missed my Sunday updates. Girl you are alright with me. LOVE IT
9/12 c42 1Initiate101
Omg! Such an amazing surprise! I loved reading a little peak into their life as a married couple. It was really in line with my vision for how they would live, Tris going with Tobias overseas and writing while he worked with relief efforts. Would love to know more about Tris' life as a writer and how she continues to find success. I noticed your story is still not marked as complete so I can't wait for an epilogue part 2 ;) I'm very curious to know if they end up having kids or not.
9/12 c42 Depecher
This was a treat! Cheers to our happy couple and cheers to your and your Beta.

This made my day. xoxo from California.
9/12 c42 expat24
What a great delightful surprise! Actually that kind of lifestyle probably suits them both to the ground, free of all family ties and mundane PR restrictions ... Tris is successful with her writing and no doubts Tobias loves having her round him with those difficult rescue mission trips...
Good for them, they deserve to live how they choose and be happy. Love the fact that Andrew is coming round and has even read her book..
I so wish we could be blessed with a second epilogue perhaps ?
Thanks again so much, i have loved this story.
9/12 c42 enj412
Wonderful epilogue! I enjoyed it immensely. I am happy they are doing so well. They deserve happiness. I will hope we get an epilogue #2.
9/12 c42 lexinthecity
I had a feeling since it wasn't designated COMPLETE that you'd add some more. This is exactly the way I pictured them living. Tobias out there helping in a very hands on way and Tris travelling along with him working on her novels. Both still able to accomplish what they were meant to do in life, but not having to be separated from each other. Glad Andrew seems to be trying, but I also understand Tris' trepidation where he is concerned. Hope they're always able to toast to living their lives on their terms.
9/12 c42 6by-the-bye
thank you for this epilogue! i thoroughly enjoyed it
9/12 c42 Ssp2000
Thank you! It was exciting to see an update, and to continue following their journey. You have, as always, done a marvelous job. Looking forward to any additional pieces.
9/6 c41 Guest
I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have been updating the page in hopes that there was an update of some sort
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