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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

7/4/2021 c33 5Sensitivity8
You can give me BDE Tobias errry (yep I said ERRY) week! LOL, And Imma be ready to fight Tris if she act a fool again about telling people! Does she not have any examples of a healthy relationship?
7/4/2021 c33 enj412
Tobias did a great job with Nita. I am so glad she is out of the picture. I wish Tris would stop worrying so much. She is still her own person when in a relationship. I look forward to them revealing their relationship. Thanks for this wonderful chapter.
7/4/2021 c33 expat24
Let's hope Nita does remember her lesson from that meeting with Tobias, her arrogance has been her downfall, she did not see this coming and got her fingers burned! I do wonder if there will be any backfiring between her and Sarah somehow later. Tobias cool assertiveness has been well played indeed so let's hope that's the end of that gossip nuisance. Loved Tobias thought as '' Game on ''!
In hindsight perhaps Tobias and Tris should elope, get married in secrete in Canada at their love nest retreat with Amar and Zeke as witnesses, no hassle, no big family drama.. Just them and announce it to their family together... No turning back then and no big monstruous stressful high society gathering, that would be my take on it anyway! I know Tris has come a long way with her personal insecurities since she first met Tobias but i am still puzzled as to what she is constantly constantly doubting herself... what is she fearful of? Once in the public eye, Tobias has proven that he can handle and will protect fiercely their relationship and privacy. With Tobias by her side she has nothing to fear. Great chapter thanks.
7/4/2021 c33 goldensnitch1
7/4/2021 c33 6by-the-bye
great chapter. the tobias and nita face off was thrilling to read, tobias can be ruthless when he wants! good for him, though, standing his ground and defending his relationship with tris. speaking of tris, reading her emotional journey through this story has been wonderful. she’s coming out of her shell and is ready to take a giant leap of faith, and i really hope she and tobias decide to tell her parents at calebs wedding. as always, cannot wait for next sunday
7/4/2021 c33 lexinthecity
Love ruthless, protect his family and loved ones at all costs Tobias. Nita learned that when you play with fire, you get burned. It was fabulous to see.
I'm a little anxious about Tris actually going through withntelling their parents at Caleb's wedding. Hopefully, it will go down they way they anticipate.
7/2/2021 c32 1Initiate101
Seems like society has overlooked how lethal Tobias really is! Not just a pretty playboy, especially when protecting those he loves. You have no idea how excited I am for their secret to come out…I’m wondering if you plan on writing the reactions of their friends and family? Would love to read those! Can’t wait for Sunday!
7/2/2021 c31 Initiate101
Wow! Was on vacation with extremely limited wifi and returned to two chapters! I love Tris’s character arc in this story, which is shown beautifully in this chapter. I’m really glad she was able to reassure Tobias with how certain she is about him.
6/27/2021 c32 Guest
Fabulous, as usual. He’s really taking control and power of his life and relationships
6/29/2021 c32 expat24
Another masterpiece pure and simple ! Superb writing! Tobias upper hand in handling Sarah is a master class in diplomacy, elegance, calculated razor sharp focused aim, rare finesse in behaviour and total control on how he's directing the conversation from start to finish... brilliantly executed! Phew... I have zero sympathy for Sarah, she knew what she was doing and the risks. She just thought she could get away with it but now it's become a bleeding collateral damage that a band aid will not be sufficient to repair and her professional could be in deep jeopardy if not dead in the water ! Her hands are tied with very few options. I am flabbergasted that she truly thought Tobias was coming over for a romantic chat and how naive she has been over this infatuation for him. The fall will be painful. I do wonder how Tobias will handle Nita ... that shall be another interesting read and look forward to it already. Thanks.
6/27/2021 c32 6by-the-bye
so happy sarah was finally told off. cant wait for next sunday
6/27/2021 c32 energizer bunny 12
ooo... can't wait to see what he has in mind for Nita. So happy to see him put Sarah in her place. So will he talk to Fernando or Nita first?
6/27/2021 c32 24Cordys-Vision
Ooof. Poor Sarah. Getting her butt handed to her by Tobias couldn't have felt nice. Especially when she was hoping they'd have a nice wine night together. Man, I hope he really gives it to Nita!
6/27/2021 c32 Bamcn24
Why do I feel sympathetic towards Sarah?
6/27/2021 c32 enj412
Tobias was fantastic with the confrontation with Sarah. I wonder what he has planned for Nita. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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