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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

6/27 c32 5Sensitivity8
Baybeeeee Tobias betta come through with the BDE and throw his weight around! That’s grown man right there!
6/27 c32 lexinthecity
So amazingly good. The fact that Sarah went from dreaming about a relationship with Tobias to him confronting her within minutes was so satisfying. She's lucky that he can empathize with her situation because otherwise she'd be out on her ass. I like that Tobias is using her now...turned the tables on her altogether. Great chapter.
6/24 c31 8srhittson
This was a really good chapter. I can’t wait to read what happens next. I liked the cloak and dagger stuff in this chapter. It was fun.
6/23 c31 oce.21
What a lovely chapter ! I love the trust that Tris and Tobias have built and the fact that Tris is 100% sure of what she wants with him now. I love the character of Amar and the fact that Tobias can trust him as well as Zeke. I'm sure their friends will be happy about their relationship. I just can't wait to know what will happens to Sarah when Tobias will takes the things in charge ! Have a nice week :)
6/22 c31 Laulau240
I really like this two chapters ! Tris and Tobias finally take control of their life again and Tris is finally able to affirm her feelings for Tobias and yeahhh ! And with the confrontation with Sarah coming and the revelation approaching fast, next chapters are promising, can’t wait !
Thanks for your amazing work !
6/20 c31 Guest
Oh. My. Goodness. This was just perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! They’re gorgeous and I’m impatient for next week
6/20 c31 5Sensitivity8
I'm so glad Tris understand the dynamic that she created with all her wishy-washiness and running. I'm equally as glad she stood tall to put him at ease! And Okay HBMC! I wanna see Amar, George, Tobias, and Tris hang out!
6/20 c31 enj412
Fabulous chapter. They are so in love. Now the world needs to let them be.
6/20 c31 expat24
Evening change of plan superbly handed by Tobias and away from prying eyes ! Thank God for precious friends like Amar who saved the day. Great that Tris is now up to speed on all fronts, they can face any future potential dramas ahead together. I wonder what he has in store for Sarah , this shall be interesting but sure thing her days are numbered i hope in the firm.
One has to love the cute HBMC reference ! If Amar can -at a glance- pick up on their intense '' lovey dovey'' intimate contact then so can anybody else around them so i guess it's only a matter of time till they are both found out... Great chapter, well done. I wish we were already next Sunday lol!
6/20 c31 lexinthecity
Okay...the HBMC thing is hilarious. I'm glad Tobias was able to avoid the whole tabloid fiasco and the interaction between Amar and Tris was great. It's good for her to get to know his friends...entrenches her more in his life. All in all, they had a fantastic evening and everything is now out in the open.
Can't wait to see how he's going to handle Sarah. Hopefully, without her, Nita will find other people to write about.
6/15 c30 Guest
He’s so patient it’s beautiful, but she needs to show him she means it, I think he’s got something at the back of his mind doubting her still unfortunately. Cant wait for next week, maybe they visit the place it all started...
6/14 c30 Guest
Why do the chapters have to end! It’s getting so juicy! Love, love this story
6/13 c30 Guest
Tobias better has a unique plan and not some lame one. Don't tell me he's gonna make some other bitch pretend she's his girlfriend and let everyone link him to some other bitch and they will have fansclub online shipping 'em together. Ewwww
6/13 c29 Guest
Looking forward to today’s updates.
6/15 c30 oce.21
Oh Tobias... What a man ! NO ! What a chapter ! The way he secures Helping Hands, his private life and the way he talked to Evelyn. I wished I was with her to see her face ! I love the character of Malcom and his relation with Tobias. Their scene was sooo funny to read. How cute the fact that Tris said 'I love you' again ! I can't wait to see them reunited in the next chapter. I'm so happy that the bitches gang as I call her are about to be discover... Sorry girls but the game is over. I'm impatient to see what Tobias has in store for her... Thank you for this amazing story (again, and again and again).
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