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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

6/13/2021 c30 5Sensitivity8
Insert sniffle as I wipe a tear Thank you for updating the previous chapter and for putting up with all of us being whiny LOL! Tobias is sooooo freaking patient! I'm sure Tris fully appreciates how patient he is being with her. Now this chapter, I think I just scared my husband as I was cheering through this chapter like it was a basketball game! He betta put Evelyn in her place! Yasssssss Hunty!
6/13/2021 c30 shortanamx
damn I really need to know if what would happened next especially tris and four. I hope Sarah gets what she deserved for being the mole and ruined my favorite couple.
6/13/2021 c30 goldensnitch1
I love that he put Evelyn in her place. Malcolm is seriously the best. I’m so glad Tobias discovered it was Sara and Can’t wait to see what he has in store for her.
6/13/2021 c29 Depecher
You are an excellent writer.
6/11/2021 c29 8srhittson
This was a really good chapter. She finally told him how she feels. Yay! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is.
6/7/2021 c29 Guest
Expat24 here.
How wonderful, an updated longer chapter...(My full apologies to the Author then are in order!). As mentioned before I am delighted that Tris has opened her feelings to Tobias at last but i am disappointed of her behaviour with her own family. What is she so scared about? She's a fully grown woman, an independant adult at that and yet she can't face her Mother! She is seriously lacking assertiveness and it's a great shame, i hope it will is very confident in his approach and thank god he's there to smooth out the situation. Well done and Thanks again.
6/7/2021 c29 Guest
Sneaky adding more! But thank you! He’s an absolute gem, where do I find someone like him? I absolutely love this story
6/6/2021 c29 Guest
This better have part 3! Their moment was too short! Urgh
6/8/2021 c29 1Initiate101
YESSS the content we have been waiting for!
6/6/2021 c28 Guest
So we have to wait 1 week for Tris and Tobias to be together again? It's better be worth it! Make sure it has smut and more relationship development.
6/7/2021 c29 oce.21
She said it ! It was so sweet... I love the dynamic between them and the fact that Tobias protects her from the future social pressure. They are such a goal ! Everybody deserves to have a Tobias in their life. Your story is entirely too good. I think Nathalie have doubts about them but Evelyn will definitely be against them ! I think Marcus and Andrew will be thrilled. I just can't wait to be next Sunday.
6/6/2021 c29 6by-the-bye
such a sweet chapter. tobias doing that for tris jusr shows how much he loves her. though, i am ready for anyone to find out about them!
6/6/2021 c29 24Cordys-Vision
Fanfiction forever has me in love with Tobias Eaton and you are not helping. LOVE this chapter.
6/6/2021 c29 nachocamel
EEEEEEEEE! Finally :,) I love how she tried to recreate the moment he told her that he loves her, but through her own confession. I definitely needed this chapter, especially after working through some very negative feelings of Evelyn LOL thank you again for all your hard work!
6/6/2021 c29 Mskittyc1964
You are forgiven, this was a sweet loving chapter. I am extremely happy for both of them but I know Evelyn is hard at work trying to get a title for her son. Patiently waiting for next Sunday.
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