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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

9/12 c42 Ssp2000
Thank you! It was exciting to see an update, and to continue following their journey. You have, as always, done a marvelous job. Looking forward to any additional pieces.
9/6 c41 Guest
I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have been updating the page in hopes that there was an update of some sort
9/5 c41 Guest
Sundays will never be the same without these updates.
9/5 c41 1Initiate101
I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to leave a review. I’ve been in the midst of a huge life change and am ashamed to say I’ve been ghost reading the last few chapters. I also put this off because this means acknowledging the end of an era, and my mind can’t accept that I won’t get to spend every sunday with you and this universe anymore. I would read an infinite amount of chapters in this world. I have so much to say, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

First off, I LOVED the HEA. As frustrating as Tris was at times in this story, I really enjoyed reading through her character development and loved how she came to accept herself worthy of Tobias’ love at the end. I unfortunately relate to early Tris’ approach to dating and love, and it was very eye opening for me to read and reflect on my own decisions.

Second off, THANK YOU. This year has been tough on many (myself included), and you gave me something to look forward to every Sunday. For an hour or so I could get lost in this world as I read your updates and blissfully forget that things were falling apart all around me. Even though I knew it wasn’t coming, I felt empty today without an update. I know how hard being a FFN author is, but just know you have touched many lives by sharing this work of art! I hope to read more from you soon (preferably in this universe because you have an amazing talent for FourTris).

FINALLY, I hope the lack of a ‘complete’ symbol next to your story means we’ll get an epilogue at some pointNothing would make me happier.
9/5 c41 LHNB
LOVED IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! It's Sunday today, and I kept glancing at my email only to realize that there'll be no more updates...

I am wondering though, will you continue to write fanfiction? Either for Divergent or for another fandom?
8/31 c41 CountryGirl27
Amazing ending to an even more amazing story. I absolutely loved it. Hope there is a epilogue so I can see what their future was. I really wanna know what there life together will be now that they are married. And I wanna know if Chris gives in and goes after Uri.
9/1 c41 expat24
Wonderful happy ending ! So pleased both close families were present except for Evelyn. Well written story, thanks so much for sharing yout talent. Any chance of an epilogue perhaps...
8/29 c41 Guest
Oh my, you have absolutely out done yourself! Not e Pugh words exist to describe the perfection. Thank you for sharing - although I wouldn’t oppose an epilogue. Can’t wait for what’s next from you xx
8/30 c41 Mskittyc1964
Thank you so much this was an awesome story that I truly enjoyed, I will be ready for what ever is next.
8/30 c41 Ssp2000
Beautiful. Thank you for taking your short stories and making this wonderful complete one. You are a great writer, and I've enjoyed all your stories.
8/30 c41 Bela94
Such a beautiful story ! I loved every chapter !
8/29 c41 energizer bunny 12
So thrilled to get to this point but also so sad it is over... any change of an epi? I just love your stories, so I hope you keep writing. Ignore the trolls. Thanks for the great story!
8/29 c41 yanb
8/29 c41 ceciliahellis
Wow what a ride! Beautiful ending. I’m so proud of Tris I can’t tell you how many times I rolled my eyes at her for being so emotionally closed off throughout this story. But her emotional journey was so worth it!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You’ve been part of my Sunday afternoon routine for months. What am I gonna do now?! Really hope you’ll come back with another story cause you’re a very talented writer!
8/29 c41 5Sensitivity8
Whew, Sis, I'm not quite sure how to articulate how much I enjoyed this journey! It was beautiful to see it evolve from the one-shots to this! I love the story ended how it began. It was so on-brand for Evelyn to boycott attending the wedding. I love that Andrew finally got it together and realized what he was missing out on. I feel like this version of Uriah and Christina deserve a spinoff LOL.

**Inserts Taraji P. Henson standing ovation gif**
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