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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

4/17/2021 c20 Cordys-vision
Sooo much yes for this chapter!
4/17/2021 c19 Cordys-vision
Tris is so annoying lol. Like, of course he thinks you’re exclusive! Why the hell wouldn’t he? A secret is one thing, exclusivity entirely another...
4/17/2021 c14 Cordys-vision
Didn’t feel like logging in but had to say that I love Tobias calling her at 1am and plotting to get away from his parents
4/19/2021 c22 8srhittson
This chapter was so good. I can’t wait for more. Sooner or later they are going to have to admit to seeing each other.
4/19/2021 c22 EastXWest
Tobias dance with Myra not just once but twice?
Wow! Such a dedication in making Myra his wife! Wonderful job! :* I can't wait to see Tobias makes more effort to win Myra's heart. ;)
I think Tobias has more respect for Myra than Tris. This chapter proves that. He was trying his best to be the best and good guy for Myra and even though Tris was around he didn't give a fuck. Haha! As if Tris could stop him from courting Myra. There's no way Tris could stop him from making effort for Myra. All his respect goes to Myra and he made sure that she's the best girl and the most beautiful girl on his birthday. Respect is very important and if Tobias can give more respect towards Myra then he should end up with her. Healthy relationship is better than the toxic one, ya know.
I can't blame Tobias if he can't dump Myra and having a hard time doing so. I mean, come on Myra is a hundred times more beautiful than Tris. We know Tris is ugly as hell. She was portrayed ugly in this story. Tobias stated himself before that Tris is not attractive physically. She's not beautiful. Her beauty was not special at all. It's like her beauty is something that you can just find anywhere because it's too basic. She's no way near Myra's level. She's really that ugly. How can you blame a man if he can't dump a girl who's a hundred times more beautiful than the current whore that he's fucking? Myra is more beautiful than Tris. Tobias can easily dump Tris and tell her to fuck off and leave him alone but he can't definitely do that to his girl Myra. I can really see that Tobias can do better if he's with Myra than with Tris. Myra doesn't need to beg him to stay with her. Tris needed a hell lot of begging just for Tobias to accept her and stay with her. Tobias and Tris are toxic together and they are obviously just fucking around and just playing with fire. I cannot support a couple who's just playing with fire. How I wish Tris would just die here. Tobias deserves a beautiful girl like Myra than the ugly duckling Tris, come on! Just kill the ugly girl and give Tobias a girl with a real beauty! I don't like the idea of Tobias ending up with the uglier girl in the story. Tobias is too handsome and he deserves the most beautiful girl or the goddess in the story. Tris is just the fuckgirl. Myra is the real and legal wife.
4/18/2021 c22 naughtymonsterX
"Happy birthday, Tobias," Myra purred and Tobias reluctantly bent to brush his lips across each of her cheeks. "Thank you, Myra, so good to see you." He straightened and flashed her a tight smile.

- I'm so disgusted with Tobias. He's still very much participating in wooing Myra. I hate that Tobias is such a pussy here and can't even save himself. He has no plan of dumping this Myra? He's just gonna follow her like a loyal puppy? What's more disturbing is that dumping Myra didn't even cross his mind. Not even once. He doesn't show any signs of planning to dump Myra. How awful. He is LEADING HER ON and that's not good. Tris did a better job with Al, completely shutting him down and making things clear that she's not interested in him in a romantic way. WHY CAN'T TOBIAS DO THE SAME? He is so weak I hate him! He needs saving?! WHAT KIND OF MAN IS HE! Is he even a man?! Tris deserves a man not a weak boy who can't even dump a bitch! Dump her you weakling boy! If you gonna choose career or business over love then there's no point in continuing to be with Tris! What is the point of continuing to be with Tris when you've already made up your mind that your career and business are your top priority? There's no point. It will just end up looking like he's just really messing up with Tris and just want to bang her every now and then.

After he kissed and held Myra all night, it's gonna be even more disgusting if he would kiss and hold Tris after. Yuck! What's his difference from a two-timer bastard jumping from one woman to another?

Tris, you can't save him all the time. He's not gonna learn to stand up on his own and fix his own damn problem if you keep on saving his weak dick! He's 29 years old not 10 years old! Let him save himself! If he's not going to dump that Myra on his own then you should find someone better! Strong women deserve better!

Tobias needs Tris to save his ass.
Tobias needs his his daddy to save his ass.
Tobias can't save himself.
Tobias has no backbone.
Tobias has zero character development.
Tobias is a bad leading man.

He can act cold and distant towards Tris like he did last chapters. He has that attitude in him. He's perfectly capable of acting like a cold and distant bastard. Why he can't even apply that same energy for that Myra? Is she that precious for him that he can't even act cold and distant towards her? Instead of doing that, he's acting like a perfect prince charming to her. He really wants to lead her on. Does he think that leading Myra on will push her away? Is he that dumb or what? If you really want to push a woman away you have to act cold and distant towards them or dump her once and for all! If the bitch is obsessed with you then you have to dump her in a harsh way. Dumping her in a prince charming way won't work, you'll just end up making her even more obsessed with you.

I'm not going to ship Tris with this weakling boy. Tobias has no backbone in this story and it's already 22 chapters. Knowing he's already 29 years old makes me feel even more disappointed. There's no growth in his character. It sucks he can only yell at Tris and not towards other bitch. Poor Tris...it seems that she's the only one that he can treat coldly. Tris is the only girl here that received a cold treatment from Tobias while Tobias is treating Myra like a precious Princess, Queen even. Tobias is 100 percent not ready for a serious relationship. My god, He can't even save himself. He can't take care and protect Tris as a man if he can't even save himself. I really don't like this type of guy who's only good at sex, but not even capable of saving himself and standing on his own feet and fix his own problem and get away from his own mess. He's creating his own mess by keeping on leading Myra on and he wants Tris to save him from his own mess? This boy is ridiculous!

I think that Al guy looks more badass than Tobias and can do better than Tobias. Tobias is not badass here at all. He's 99.9 percent weak. He's a big disappointment. A 29-year-old dude who needs saving from bitches. That's terrible. I can't imagine falling for that kind of guy. That is the type of guy who's only acting cool but they're not really cool. Not attractive at all.

If he's planning to kiss and bang Tris after spending his birthday night dancing with Myra, he better make sure to brush his teeth and shower first to remove Myra's scent all over him. If he doesn't do that then that means he has no respect for Tris at all. Imagine Tris gonna smell Myra all over Tobias EWWWW! He can't jump from one woman to another. What kind of dick is he? Making excuses is not an option. If he gonna make an excuse like a little boy and be like (boo-hoo) my mommy and daddy pushed me towards Myra it's not my fault (boo-hoo) not my fault I'm just a little boy who needs to follow orders. If mommy orders me to bang Myra, then I think would have to bang her too. c:
4/18/2021 c22 goldensnitch1
I love their closeness. Evelyn is a bitch. At least Marcus is somewhat reasonable here. I hope Tris was able to ward Myra off. Nita is so annoying.
4/18/2021 c22 1Initiate101
Also lol “human equivalent of a wet noodle” is my new favorite insultc
4/18/2021 c22 Initiate101
ugh yes! exactly what I needed during my terrible side effects from the moderna second doseRip. I am sad Evelyn won’t be on board with their relationship but I imagine the other 3 parents will. Can’t wait to see how they all react when they find out!
4/18/2021 c22 oce.21
Oh no… I was so sure about the fact that Evelyn will be against Tris ! But girl, the way she put her back at her place. I LOVE IT ! I think that for the first time, I love the fact that Marcus could be on Tobias and Tris’ side. And Myra… Oh Myra… She is so annoying !
4/18/2021 c22 Amelia264
Omg I love this story so much please please please keep going with it I live for when you update it!
4/18/2021 c22 5Sensitivity8
You got my anxiety up! I know what's coming for Natalie's Birthday, I hope this doesn't go left like I think it is right now! For once I'm agreeing with Marcus though!
4/18/2021 c22 expat24
Evelyn is not a loving Mother but a manipulative CEO when it comes to her son's interests, i so despise her - I am relieved that Marcus is somehow more rational and less pushy about Tobias' future, at last there may be some bonding alliance to be formed between father and son in months to come, Tobias may need him more than he realises! Tris has won my admiration to put Evelyn back in her place and may she keep doing so ! No doubts Tris and Tobias will get caught somehow at some point and the heavens will come crashing down on them ... It shall be a blast to read... Good chapter thanks.
4/18/2021 c22 6by-the-bye
great chapter! as always, nita and evelyn are up to no good
4/18/2021 c22 24Cordys-Vision
I can’t wait until their cover gets blown. Evelyns going to be livid!
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