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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

8/29 c41 6by-the-bye
Thank you so much for this story. So sad it’s over but i’m hoping, praying, for you to write more in the divergent universe. some of the best parts of my weeks lately have been sunday’s with this story being updated, so thank you for sharing your amazing talent and offering a nice escape from the real world for a few minutes every week with this brilliant fanfiction.
8/29 c41 31vane84
such a beautiful story ! I loved every chapter ! Excuse me if I didn't let you a review at each chapter but i'm french and I don't use a translator, I prefer write my review myself with my words, hoping that's understandable !
Thank uou so much for your story ! Can't wait for another one !
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8/29 c41 Guest
8/29 c41 Depecher
I’m sad this is over! But I’m so delighted with this story. You (and all who helped) did an amazing job. The detail, plot, and flow was amazing. I so hope you’ll find another story dancing around in your head that demands to be shared. It was my weekly treat!

Would you perhaps recommend any other stories or if ANYONE who reads this comment would like to recommend any stories? Please share them here or

Again, thank you for sharing. And to all you out there who have a story that’s begging to be told, DO IT.

Love from California
8/29 c41 miss random
I love this story so much! I’m so glad you decided to put it all together into a full length novel!
8/29 c41 enj412
An amazing and beautiful ending to this wonderful story. I thank you for writing this, my friend. It has been an utter joy to read. Your writing is so moving and incredibly well done. I look forward to your future stories.
8/22 c40 Guest
They’re absolutely perfect for each other in every way. I feel so bad for Uriah but really enjoyed his chat with Tobias - their friends really are the family they chose. Can’t wait for next week and their next announcement to their parents
8/23 c40 8srhittson
This was a great chapter. I have been enjoying this story so much.
8/23 c40 leek812
I love that they told their friends. I’d love more chapters on the Uriah Chris set up. I really enjoyed his POV a d how Chris is portrayed. I hate how shallow she is so often written.
8/23 c40 expat24
Poor Uriah, such a shame he never had a chance i guess but hopefully Christina may be able to get him to forget his heartbreak misfortune. Love the thought of eloping to Hawaii on the back of the new book out celebration, that was a clever move! All their friends will cherish that trip whereas respective family will take a lifetime to get over that secret decision especially Evelyn ! Good for Tobias and Tris. Great chapter, i am sad it's coming to an end, i really enjoyed this story. Thanks.
8/22 c40 2Lady-Draco79
I'm not ready for the end! But I am anxious with hope there is something else on the horizon from that beautiful brain of yours?
8/22 c40 5Sensitivity8
I love that this is going to piss Evelyn off further LOL. Come on Uriah, I'm rooting for you and Christina!
8/22 c40 lexinthecity
So excited that they're going to have the wedding they want and not succumb to their parents expectations. I'm glad that Uriah figured his stuff out so he can truly be happy for Tris and Tobias. Looking forward to Tris and Tobias pulling this secret wedding off.
8/22 c40 that-one-sleepless-fangirl
Omg this chapter was perfect!
8/22 c40 6by-the-bye
Poor Uriah, hopefully he and Christina will get together. Loved this chapter and their plans to elope, so romantic! Cant wait to read about their wedding… and hopefully an epilogue….
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