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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

8/22 c40 shortanamx
Dang , can't wait for thier weekend and more planning of their wedding, want to imagine tris wedding dress.
8/22 c40 enj412
Great chapter! I feel bad for Uriah. He is a good guy though so I am sure Christina will grab him. I love that our couple are planning to elope. They deserve a quiet and intimate ceremony. I am sad this story is ending, but it has been a pure joy to read.
8/16 c39 Guest
I was so worried when you didn’t update earlier but my goodness! This was everything I hoped and more! Please don’t end it, I love their story and the love they share - so pure and real
8/17 c39 Mskittyc1964
Ah a United front the power of LOVE! What assailed for Parents the only one who genuinely seemed happy was Natalie no other motive but to see the happiness in her child's face, a real unconditional Mother's love.
8/16 c39 23Cordys-Vision
Smiling so big! What a great chapter. Tris is finally giving him the romantic speeches he deserves!
8/16 c39 1Initiate101
Also forgot to mention in my review, I LOVED how you changed around the one shot I had read (post rooftop) and made it so that Tris is the one to ask him. That is so in line with her character in this story and it was wonderful to read!
8/16 c39 Initiate101
I forgive the lateness of the chapter because holy COW THAT SMUT WAS PERFECTION. This chapter gave me all the feels and their went almost exactly as I had imagined it would! I’m surprised Marcus hadn’t considered a match between the two of them already for how excited he was by their engagement. I can’t wait for Christina, Zeke, and Uriah to find out! I’m betting Uriah especially will be shocked.

Like many other readers, the knowledge that this story is ending soon has me feeling unwell. I hope to read about their wedding day! Thank you for posting.
8/16 c39 expat24
Another Masterpiece, what a gem perfectly delivered! Both Tobias and Tris finally managed to announce on their terms when ready so its a victory on that front! ! I am so pleased for them, they deserve to be happy at long last in the open... Not a great surprise that both parents are not fully on board but frankly who cares? Andrew is disappointing and his behaviour is shameful if i am honest, Evelyn is as usual despicable... Somehow i still think Tris and Tobias should elope and get married away from those toxic expectations ! I am not ready for this to be over soon either but all good things have to come to an end right ... wonderful chapter worth the wait. Thanks.
8/16 c39 8srhittson
This was such a great chapter. Too bad all of the parents aren’t completely on board. I’m not ready for this story to end. Please keep going a little bit longer.
8/15 c39 adayinjune
Please tell me this isn’t the end. It’s too good to be over!
8/15 c39 5Sensitivity8
*** inserts emotional tears of joy That's my girl with fist pump from America's next top model gif***
You gave me BDE Tobias and smut for the perfect proposal moment! **wipes tear**

Andrew is awful, he's just as bad as Evelyn in my opinion...At least Natalie was happy and I kind of like Marcus being in his, as long as he benefiting the company let him be mood. And Babybeeeee Tobias ain't backing down from Evelyn and I love it. I feel like I am finally prepared for this story to end now after that chapter.
8/15 c39 lexinthecity
Ughh...I actually think Andrew is worse than Evelyn. Evelyn is controlling and manipulative but you know what you're getting. Andrew's constant projection of his own trauma onto Tris is worse than Evelyn's outright manipulations. He pretends to be a caring parent, but he's more concerned about their image and business connections than the happiness of his children. He's duplicitous.
Loved both the real and the planned proposal. Great job adding to the "random musing" one shot and bringing everything together. Thanks for a bringing joy to my Sunday evening.
8/15 c39 energizer bunny 12
YAY! Finally! And the parents didn't disappoint in their reactions. Hopefully it will be more fun to see their friends reactions.
8/15 c39 enj412
This was a brilliant chapter, my friend. Well worth the wait. I am so happy they are engaged and that their secret is out in the open now. I say they ignore their parents and have their wedding their own way. I hope you include the wedding in this story. Oh, the smut at the end was fantastic. Thanks for updating!
8/8 c38 Guest
You have a beautiful gift, thank you for sharing. A masterclass in welding the two stories together so seamlessly. I’m so sad this is nearing its end, please consider a sequel!
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