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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

7/18/2021 c35 expat24
What can i say? I am like Tobias... frankly bitterly disappointed with Tris almost to the point of giving up and walking away! No wonder he's fed up poor guy ...
She is a grown up mature independent adult and yet can't handle the family expectations (Marcus or else) that we ALL know she will somehow turn down anyway because if she's not making a stand to be with Tobias who is beyond supportive and loves her, she certainly will not make it to be with Albert or any other match made by her parents !
At this rate she'll never be ready to take that public step forward with anybody and will enjoy her life as a forever Spinster whereas Tobias will be moving on...
I just don't get it, i am starting to believe that she needs to see a shrink because something's not right with her and she will regret her decision to have let him go...
On the other hand maybe she will come to her senses about what she has lost (or about to lose), elope to Turkey, get married there on the spur of the moment or perhaps she will blow her own trumpet at her parents on that secret once and for all ... God knows !
I sigh, I sigh, I sigh... Thanks and look forward to the next drama crisis !
7/18/2021 c35 5Sensitivity8
**Throws hands in the air** Imma square up on Marcus…. LOL I need BDE Tobias to come in after rooftop and handle these parents so he and Tris can ride off into the sunset unbothered. I want to see everyone’s mouth drop and close when they announce their relationship. I low key want them to elope and just shut down any possibility of changing their minds.
7/18/2021 c35 Depecher
I also hate Marcus….
7/18/2021 c35 24Cordys-Vision
There really isn't a single world that I don't hate Marcus in...Back off, guy!
7/12/2021 c34 Guest
My heart really goes out to her, the angst she feels and the pressure is not fair. I really hope he understands, maybe a compromise in telling their friends but not family? So so so sad to hear we’re nearing the end! Maybe a sequel? Pleaseeeeeeee
7/13/2021 c34 Depecher
Perhaps they’ll elope and drop the news on the parents after they are married. They’ll have to suffer the flack that ensues but all the other drama may be minimized. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for our favorite couple.

This story has been wonderful and I always look forward to updates. I’m sad that is coming to and end. Will you continue to write about them in other stories or venture elsewhere? I’m certain that we will follow whatever you do.

Thank you for sharing. xoxo
7/13/2021 c4 6Windchimed
Another enjoyable chapter! It's so strange to think of Lynn *giggling*. I giggled with her at the image.

To let you know, there's a typo when Tris and Uriah are talking. It says, "Was that you're doing" with "you're" instead of "your." It's no big deal, but I know you like to have everything right.
7/13/2021 c34 1xliene
I’ve been following and reading this story for a while now and it seriously is one of the best ones on here ! I really do hope that tris tells her parents and that the story doesn’t have the same ending as rooftop rendezvous, I want to see their parents reactions and hopefully they don’t overwhelm tris and Tobias too much and just let them be as they can see how serious they are about each other ! Thank you for writing such an amazing story and keeping regular updates :)
7/12/2021 c3 6Windchimed
I remember this chapter, but it was still fun to read it again.
7/12/2021 c34 Mskittyc1964
Love this chapter and it is no surprise that her stress and anxiety is at an all time high. I hate to see Tobias disappointed but I am looking forward to see how they as a couple handle this next hurdle. I have always thought Chris and Urie were a good match.
7/11/2021 c2 Windchimed
Wow, that was a VERY steamy first time!
7/11/2021 c34 8srhittson
This was a really good chapter. I absolutely love this story. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
7/11/2021 c34 energizer bunny 12
uh oh. Why does it not surprise me she wants to back out of telling the parents. I don't think Tobias is going to be too happy. Sorry you are having issues with idiots reviewing. I can never wait for the next chapter. Honestly I can't wait for them to tell the parents. I'm eager to see if you have them get married before they tell the parents. That would be funny. Also, how long til Christina figures it out?
7/11/2021 c1 6Windchimed
My beyond-crazy schedule has finally opened up enough for me to start this story. I really enjoyed the individual scenes I read earlier, and I'm excited to read the full version. This chapter gets us off to a good start. I particularly liked the line about Tobias coming with a potency proof!
7/11/2021 c34 ceciliahellis
So much pressure on Tris… She definitely need therapy to deal with her parents. Also Tobias should handle their families the way he handled Nita & Sarah and bring that bad ass attitude. Tell them look we love each other but we won't play any role into your public circus.
Can’t wait for the next chapters but I’m also so sad to see it coming to an end. I really hope you’ll come back with another story cause you are really talented!
Ps I found the comments on your story extremely entraining, everyone’s opinion is hilarious to me (expect for the people that clearly don’t know how to read - haters are gonna hate)
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