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for Rendezvous - The Complete Novel Length

7/11/2021 c34 shortanamx
I can't wait until tris and four tell their parents . please tris doesn't chicken out telling them ,I want them happy with each other.
7/11/2021 c34 5Sensitivity8
I knew Tris was going to back out! Sigh... But I get it she's overwhelmed and she doesn't do well with dealing with her parents. Baby girl needs a good therapist and some anxiety meds because the way she stresses out about losing control makes me want to give her a big ole hug like I would get from my grandma. I'm hoping Tobias won't be hurt too much and can read the situation well enough to help Tris talk out what she's feeling instead of basically having a panic attack. He would actually be great at stepping in to control the narrative (You know I love when Tobias brings out the BDE) but I feel Tris would take it the wrong way and freak out again.

I also realize they haven't been together that long, it's what August now? I can totally get the feeling of you don't want to bring someone around your family until you are really sure about them. (I've done that in real life) Thier parents being overbearing just amplifies the situation.

P. S. I love the added Christina and Uriah!
7/11/2021 c34 1Initiate101
Wonderful chapter! I am so sad this story is ending. Your weekly uploads have become a regular part of my life and, in all honestly, helped me look forward to things in the darkest era of covid this past winter. I hope we get to read a bit of their HEA before you mark this as complete!

I am frustrated with Tris but I also understand her anxieties. I am worried Tobias will be really hurt by this. She needs to be super upfront with him and prove to him she’s in this for the long haul. Excited to read what happens next week!
7/11/2021 c34 expat24
The expectations from Tris parents are indeed very high and with everything going on in the family it comes as no surprise that she is stressed out ! Still ...the sooner it's out in the open, the quicker Tris and Tobias can move forward with their life together as a couple and doing their own things outside the parental sphere or so i'd like to think so... but Tris seems to think differently evidently. I am a bit disappointed that she seems unable to find the courage to confront her parents as an adult but i hope she will discuss her decision with Tobias if they are to delay their news to their respective family. He deserves it and it would only be fair.
Christina is indeed very inquisitive ...
This big wedding saga and all that comes with it before and after is a hell of a business show off to the world which is the only thing that matters to Evelyn and Andrew ... Sad...
Hang on in there Tris, its almost over ! Great chapter thanks.
Love this story, i really do.
7/11/2021 c34 enj412
Wonderful chapter, my friend. I would like to kick Tris for being so insecure and afraid. At least I know how this ends. The fact that this story is ending soon makes me sad. I will look forward to reading the final chapters.
7/11/2021 c34 lexinthecity
I figured Tris would get cold feet about telling their parents. Too many big moves in a short amount of time. First moving out, possibly being published which will lead to her leaving the company and telling them about Tobias is a lot. Seeing how Natalie is with Caleb's wedding only raises the stress level. She's the mother of the groom. Can you imagine what she'll be like as MOTB? And Caleb's wedding being looked upon as a way to make business connections? I wouldn't want them near my relationship either.
You have to be ready for all the drama and she's not ready. Can't say I blame her.
7/8/2021 c33 Guest
I don't know why they are thinking of wedding as a problem. There's no wedding. Tris, Tobias's mother doesn't even like you, girl. I guess you should be thankful for that. Now stop acting delusional. There is no wedding that will happen. You and Tobias will never ever get married.
7/8/2021 c33 Guest
Oh no, I hope this doesn’t hurt him! Take a leap, he loves her with everything it’s so amazing to read. As always, AMAZING! Please never, ever stop. I want to see after, them navigating long distance, marriage, babies, everything!
7/7/2021 c33 M35
I’m so happy that they have each other. Such a sweet and sexy couple.
But I’m curious to find out how telling there patents is going down
7/6/2021 c33 Bamcn24
C’mon Tris! Acknowledge this hot man
7/6/2021 c33 24Cordys-Vision
Tobias beating Nita at her own game was tremendous fun! Thanks for the update.
7/6/2021 c33 8srhittson
This was such a good chapter. Tris shouldn’t worry, Tobias won’t let her parents make her change.
7/5/2021 c33 1Initiate101
Loved reading the face off with Nita! Tobias is truly a lethal predator and I’ve enjoyed reading him take down Evelyn, Sarah and now Nita.

As for the relationship reveal at the wedding, I don’t think it will happen. I think Tris will likely chicken out and it will cause some tension with her and Tobias and she will need to find a way to be bold about her feelings for him. If the story follows the one shots (and I think you said it would), I’m predicting they tell everyone at that event in France in the Fall (can you tell I’m a fan of your fanfics, lol).

I do think someone will find out at the wedding, though. My guess is Christina. I think Tris really needs someone else in her corner to help her work through some of her issues, so it’d honestly be in her favor if Christina found out she was in love with Tobias.

Can’t wait for next Sunday!
7/5/2021 c33 oce.21
OMG ! The way Tobias just talked to Nita and played the same rules as her ! Love it girl ! And the moment between Tris and Tobias. They were meant to be together for sure. I just wonder why Tris is so insecure. It is not easy to have a good relationship in this world with all the fake couples there are around them. Plus her family pressure and all the mess around Caleb's wedding... it's complicated. But she can rely on Tobias. I hope he will be able to reassure her. Can't wait to have the cabin escape chapter and to be on Sunday to have the next chapter !
7/5/2021 c32 oce.21
What a man ! Tris is so lucky to have him. He protects her and their relationship at all costs. I love the way he handled the problem with Sarah. He is definitely more than Tris thought at first. Great chapter as always.
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