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for Goodbye, My Beloved

9/4/2021 c1 e.crystall
This was profound, we can definitely sense the intense feelings and unfaltering determination of Monad through her thoughts here. *Sigh* too bad they didn't show more of her, they didn't explore more of her story and her character in the series, I found her quite fascinating as well.
Side note: just ignore such trolls my darling, they REALLY aren't worth a second of your time.
Glad to have read your EP stories, you write beautifully .
11/25/2020 c1 88ZareEraz
First of all, I will be replying to your disgusting comments here, in addition to personal messaging you about this matter if you don’t come back to see this.

I am quite disgusted by your behavior; since when is it acceptable to treat another person this way? Foul language aside, it is disrespectful to treat an author and their work in the manner that you have. While I am always open to criticism pertaining to my work, this criticism should be directed towards problems and issues in my writing, and not directed at the content or fandom I am writing for. I honestly don’t understand why you would feel the need to comment on my writing for Ergo Proxy when you yourself are not a fan, nor an anime fan in general (and you make that quite clear in your review). Upfront, the summary of this story indicates to readers that this is a romance, and if that is not their style, they don’t have to read it. You have maliciously read my work to criticize my interests with the intent to insult and hurt me, which is reprehensible. Additionally, this story in particular requires and understanding of the series Ergo Proxy and the characters within, as the character I wrote about is a minor character whose actions are the catalyst for events that are seen in the anime, but aren’t directly seen in the anime itself. Without this knowledge, no one could make any kind of constructive criticism to benefit changes in the story. In today’s society, being bigoted toward other people’s hobbies and fandoms is no longer acceptable and you should be ashamed to have acted in this way, especially if I am not the only person you have insulted in this way. I have lived through a time where being an anime fan was looked down upon and I have experienced the shame of loving something that is not approved of by others. However, anime and Japanese entertainment exports are now more mainstream than ever, and with the world pushing for tolerance and understanding in all aspects of life, your behavior and threats are appalling.

Secondly, if you were wishing for someone to give you or your stories good reviews, this was not the way to do it. If you had respectfully asked me to read your story, I might have given it a chance, even though I am not a fan of Undertale, nor do I play the game. If you had read my story and said something to the effect of, “I’m not a fan of Ergo Proxy but I read your story in the hopes that you would read mine,” I would have definitely considered it. However, threatening me, my fans, and my followers is unacceptable. I also find it ironic that out of the 28 fandoms that you have written for, 11 of them are video game franchises that have been created and produced in Japan, which is also where anime originates. Such ignorance and hypocrisy displays your true colors.

Lastly, is supposed to be a platform where fans of all types can come and express their interests and ideas in a forum where they can connect to other fans. The idea is to be supported and critiqued by those who share your interests as you add content to your chosen fandoms or support those adding content. The base idea is to allow people to show support, love and constructive help, of which you have provided none. Please do not read any more of my stories, especially if your only intent is to attack me.
11/22/2020 c1 SaintHeartwing
Barf! Gag me with a spoon nigg.
Well what I just read was utter shit. Good thing i only need you for one purpose.

Give my Undertale Frost fic a good review or else I will troll you, your friends and your followers you anime guzzling chink loving piece of shit. Do as i say and it will be easier for you. Fail to listen and I will be trolling you all the time.

Shit man i need them good reviews to win a contest.

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