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4/19 c2 Queztlecoatl
I like this. Will it be a full fledged story?
4/16 c2 2Xerzo LotCN
So instead of being raised with his 7 sister as an arc he was raised by the reaper i see interesting

So I'm going to ask can the harem expands beyond rwby like with pyrrha and since you added her to the school penny
id ask maybe coco and velvet but it is fine not to

But they forgot what if they both got full teams which they will
the decision be either who is the leader or who the partner to the leader that be the ultimate deciding factor honestly
4/5 c1 eagoralol
Plz continue really enjoyng this
3/29 c2 0akarigan0
Historia muy interesante, espero con ansias el próximo capítulo muchas gracias.
3/2 c2 Guest
Lol I can already imagine W being sandwiched and roasted by JR and BY. Pyrrha is coool! Hope you update this story.
2/27 c2 Guest
Lol I have been waiting for a non cereal pumpkin pete Pyrrha opening for so long! Finally a good one and I love it!
2/26 c2 Guest
That’s quite an unpleasant uproar between Jaune and Weiss, he’ll make her regret and suffer to pick on Ruby he’s going bend her pride for real.
2/26 c2 Guest
This is an annoying heiress everyone going against her now hope she could get through the initiation without too much humiliation. Look forward to more!
2/26 c2 Guest
I don’t know, should I cry or laugh on their arguments? They escalated from scraggy to high mighty to spoil brat to ice queen to hag to backward gear to even toothpick! They’re kids’ fights! Thanks goodness he didn’t mention something flat chest and thankfully hotshot Pyrrha is there to stop two kids clashing into disaster kick and pull each other’s hairs. Their rivalries won’t stop with initiation, is going to be a hell lot of noises but fun with this team JRWBY. I look forward to more hope the next chapter isn’t… another year later. :)
2/25 c2 6BlueJack22
I have a feeling Pyrrha is going to be drinking alcohol after dealing with those two
2/24 c2 Zathol
Looks good to me. I'm curious to see how this five person team comes about and how bonds form in the fires of competition and camaraderie.

I guess we can consider Jaune a weapon master if he is lugging around so many 'classic' weapons around. I can see the appeal of having different weapons for different fights but I can imagine it being cumbersome to.

Seems quite competitive and aggressive to. Quick to defend his new friend but also quick to challenge others even if it makes the situation potentially worse. If not for Pyrrha stepping in to migrate a fight happening before initiation even started. I briefly wondered if this aggressiveness might come to backfire on Jaune in other situations. Just an idle thought though. They are all teens and in truth a bunch of hotheads.
2/24 c2 alphabacon34
Another great chapter! Can't wait for for the next one, hope it comes out a little quicker.
2/24 c1 malekari125
Stop embarrassing yourself and delete this.
2/24 c2 Gonsmoss
Finally, an update. I was sure the story was dead.
And yes. Penny will be Pyrrha's partner. To me it's great because making likeable oc can be real challenge and I really wanted to see a story with penny especially after vol8. They done her dirty.
Anyway, good chapter and can't wait for future chapters.
2/24 c2 A. J Savage
I do hope you add Pyrrha to this !
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