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for Optimistic Game: Revised

6/14 c1 LionComet
The First chapter and I just lost THE GAME thanks op.
6/13 c29 loulloko
It's all coming together
6/13 c29 CypressofCyprus
Fun read! Looking forward to the next update.
6/9 c29 Dante D. Croatia
(There are more ideas for the Author of the fic to use if you want, in the text i hope i could help and give ypu some intersting stuff to work with) just a suggestion ofc.

I love this fic and character development and interactions
Please don't rush anything, love the slowburn (in most fics it just happens instantly)

i Ususaly don't rewiew but this time i had to

Also about Reid and Rwby girls. I would love if all 4 were bisexual because it woould make the whole (1 guy four girls relationship) more realistic because it would make sense why they are okay with sharing Reid if they are atraccted to these other women themselves.

This would allow more interction, development (and romantic moments between the girls) and create cool relationship dynamics.

ps. I have this scene in mind where Ruby realises that she is into women as well and freaks out and then tells Raid and he shuts down for a minute.

ps. 2. Also Reid has a lot of fame and money now please put it to use so he makes more projects to protect Remnant (Because its logical becuse by increasing the defennces he also protects his loved ones) he could also use some of the money he has to upgrade his gear or gear of his friends. He could do a lot of good thing with his money and fame (Help the faunus more publicly and economicaliy).

He could create his own secret groups and organizations to counter Salem and criminals in the shadows. Because of his fame there are a lot of pepole who would follow him. His words carry a LOT of weight now.

Like his own Aegis Zero and Sword (from One Piece)

Im not sure that Raid trusts Ozpin/Ozma with safety of Ruby and Yang so it would be realistic for him to make some moves to insure they are as safe as they could be.
Because OZ lost a ton of people to Salem already (Summer was one of then) so he wouldn't be too trusting.

Create his own company where the faunus will get fair wages and so on... (Weiss could be a huge help there also Ruby is really good at making wepons if they teamed up... With Raid's help they could create new technology and wespons)

Reid could improve the comunication thenology so if one Communicazion tower falls they can still contact other nations

Also improve the defences of other towns and kingdoms to protect them from the bandits and grimm.

Also before someone said this will make him (and his alies) even more op... they need to be because even without the Titans grrim are a HUGE THREAT to Humanity
There are so many grimm and such a low number of hunters.
Constant Grimm attacks and loss of life are a huge problem.
This is also one of the thing would make sense why the strong huntsman get special treatment and have more spouses because the strong need to have more children to boost the number of strong huntsmaen and huntresses.

I mean if he does any of that it also benefits him because he can work less and insure that Salem has a Hard time weakening the kingdoms thus keeping people he cares about safe.

His endgame goal is beating salem so he can live paceful life without worry that salem will come to kill him or people he cares about. (At least i imagine it would be something similar)

Huntsmen and Huntresses are also really really valuable because they are the srongest weapons humanity has in the fight against the grimm.

Also will others get magic and haki?

Just some of my toughts
I look forwarrd to the next chapter
6/6 c5 10The Dark Wolf Shiro
Being Jaune is suffering, as it should be

And there’s no money better than the money you take from your enemies

Why spend your money when you can spend other peoples?
6/5 c10 drakiesan
Nonlikeable 16 year MC with the so called chaotic good alignment... uhuh... God damn this is so fkin bad... Grammar is good, but the story just doesn't work. Reid is idiot and battlemaniac. He is annoying, constantly constantly swearing little shit. I mean it's he is annoying. That is all his character depth. The fights are convoluted, the path mishmash of thousands nonfitting skills that makes no sense. The gacha seems more like the author just using it as a crutch instead of making list and rolling a dice... Mc feels like a dumber Goku. And please do not take it as a compliment. I hate Goku from dragon ball. So yea... It's boring story about so-called chaotic good character who is a stupid teenager. Literally. Btw. The forgotten realms and dnd has a nice system of alignment. Baldurs gate games have it very nicely written down.
6/4 c29 RainbowLightning101.1
At first, I didn't think that I would like this story very much, but after reading the first few chapters, I became addicted. Usually, a lot of these "game" fanfics turn out to be pretty bad, but this one is an exception! Words can't seem to express how much I love this story, but just so you know, I think it's fantastic! We need more OP characters in fanfiction; too much struggle and grimness is starting to wear down my mind. Anyway, keep on going, man! Rest assured that I'll be reading every chapter that you manage to produce :)
6/1 c29 Guest
This is great can't wait for the next update
5/31 c29 DaddyAlastor
AMAZING BLOODY STORY keep up the great work and i can't wait until the next chapter
5/30 c29 21edboy4926
Awesome story.
Keep on going.
5/27 c29 lazyguy90
Time for Reid to learn the legendary Tiger Drop.

I want to see him punk Hunters and Grimm alike with it.

And it's also time for epic duels where the opponents rip off their shirts/jackets/suits before running at each other dramatically.
5/27 c29 Poharan
Ahahaha very calm "WHAT!?"
5/27 c18 T-568-B
Hmm. This scenario feels kind of forced.
His mistake in not fixing the circle before activating the magic is reasonable. He has that flaw after all.
Him bringing Ruby into the room with him, creating a new kind of golem, AND using said shabby magic circle to do it with her in the room, is not as reasonable, but still ok.

But what feels the most forced is the fact that Reid was almost killed, but Ruby was almost unhurt. This seems farfetched if they were both in the same room as the explosion. Especially since Reid is so much stronger than Ruby. Even if Reid was at the centre of it, an explosion that almost kills him I would expect it to kill Ruby. Or at the very least leave her in a similar state as Reid.

Otherwise I love the story so far! Looking forward to reading the rest!
5/26 c29 TheBigBrotherWTPD
Our boi has gone done grow'd up on us. Brings a tear to my eye- GO GET SOME REID WHOO WHOO!

Now that that's out of my system, and I've binged this in less then 24 hours, this was amazing holy crap. Like, one of the few genuinely good RWBY Transported FF I've found. And i've been looking hard. spelling errors abound in the early chapters, but nothing that stopped this and you've gotten rid of them 9/10 times after like chapter 5 so it's all good.

Also Yakuza. That's nice
5/26 c29 League OTP
Give him Hamon from JoJo's. Would go well with his water abilities and heritage.
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