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for Optimistic Game: Revised

2m c47 dat1boi123
dude this is one of the best gamer stories but it feels like your ignoring the water and earth but all n all i love the story
7/1 c47 RainbowLightning101.1
Man, I really wish the others saw Reid's transformation into something more of a Leviathan, and especially if Blake knew; she would be down-bad cataclysmically if she learned he was part "faunus". Also, I feel like now that Reid has another Titan body count, he's pretty much achieved godhood. I mean, Titans are usually killed decades from one another, correct? So if Reid has killed three in such short time, very powerful individuals must recognize his ability, like a regular grenade compared to a nuclear bomb. Nevertheless, I'm happy you aren't adding too many lemons as, as you said, they do detract from the story somewhat; however, your skills at writing those scenes are masterfully done; 50 Shades of Gray levels, I'm tellin' ya. And yes, a description of Reid curbstomping a grimm or other enemy, with its jaw being shattered, might be the most satisfying move one can do, fictionally, of course. Anyway, much love from Florida, love the story, and I hope Reid continues to be broken when fighting enemies way above his current level, but I guess he just got lucky this Titan was aquatic, huh? Peace out.
6/28 c29 grjcapili2005
wait isn't haki invisible to normal people
6/27 c47 yahiro365
Wow that was wild. Great chapter. I've been really excited to see how strong his water combat would be now and I think that showcased a good bit of it.
6/27 c47 Guest
...wait, wouldn't this mean his place, or probably the water next to his place, would turn into another hotspot of raw energy that's comparable to radiation?
6/27 c47 Null
Yeah, this is fine, just a testament to Reid's growth, no need to make every single fight a heart-stopping, adrenaline rush of an arc, little things like this (hilarious a Titan has been reduced to 'little' at this point, though this one is described to be more of the "silent but deadly" type that swims, so really, it had everything going against it when fighting Reid) from time to time is a good thing. Not always of course, but a good way to show how far someone's come.
6/26 c25 Squarekiddo
It truly is annoying how game mechanics keeps getting ignored in order to add "drama" which of course in turn takes away drama cause it doesnt make any sense whatsoever.
Ruby is 70 affection thats 100rep 70 affection, she should listen when he says she shouldnt go with him.
Taking Yang and Ruby is literally just moronic, and it dosnt matter that he himself points that out if he keeps ignoring it, he is literally 250 wis and int yet so much more stupid then anyone else? whats the point of the game if its ignore when it matters?
6/26 c47 Spacemonkey777
You were right. This was hellava rewarding! Reid annihilating the aquatic Titan was amazing! Ripping off its head and throwing it to the shore possibly dozens of meters before casually walking out of the ocean probably with hands in his pockets and without a scratch. I can BET that countless media reporters and the likes were filming the gathering of the dozens of Vale's best preparing for the battle only to witness THAT! Gosh please, please, please spend as much time as you can exploring and showing and telling and writting of the reaction of the world and others to this.

Because, to be honest, we are 367 thousand words into the story. Reid has stats with amps and stuff that make normal humans utterly irrelevelt. Like in Solo Leveling with National Authority Hunters who fight on such a scale a dozen or a thousand lesser S-Ranks won't make a dent in the enemy and will only get in the way. Same here, it would be completely illogical to expect S-Rank hunters to so much as contribute to any future Reid's fights as their power level, even RAW SPEED is orders of magnitude slower. Meaning they will only be in the way. If Reid legitimately goes all out he would be fighting at such speeds and power that it will be closer to Allmight vs Nomu. Shockwaves alone will fling everyone else out of the battlefield. :D.

Amazing story which I binged in 3 days. I am not a huge fan of lemons or harems but as long as its done in moderation I can see the appeal. Also, I wonder if Reid leveled up seriously in this fight and gained stats to fight the next Titan on a more even footing with preferably no (ass-pulled for plot reasons to remind us that they are still relevant) assistance from other characters who legitimately have no business even fighting Grimm of that caliber. I mean, Mr. Kazuma is like the only one I can possibly accept offering a tiny, smidge of a shred of possible help. But it's Reid and Gwyn and maybe, maybe Indra from now on. Everyone else would just be stupid to join a fight that is VASTLY faster than they can comprehend reality.
6/26 c47 shirousagi87
I catch up the story in this cliffhanger... so sad T_T

Cant wait for the aftermath
6/25 c47 SlothDGod
Hm, that was cool.

Still, I feel it may have lacked more outlooks. Oh well, not like it matters. Plenty of more room for more to occur. Also, RWBY Ice Queendom came out.

To my surprise it was rather fast paced and a lot newer than what I expected.
6/25 c1 1Naruto0858589547
Amazing chapter
6/25 c3 Evangal
So in chapter 2, Qrow threaten him to spill the beans with his near 200 stats which he couldn't really do anything against.
Chapter 3 had him put more points in charisma? Instead of any other stat which could help him prevent such situations again, he chose more charisma?
Chapter 4, he paid for it when adam attack, what a satisfying moment. I love it
6/24 c10 Guest
DudÄ™ just please dont go with evil clone
Its soo overused
6/24 c47 supriya700000
can't wait for reactions of everyone
6/23 c47 Nagato wannabe
Can't wait for more
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