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8/28 c60 MargaritaS
great story :)
8/4 c5 1Dellypoo
8/4 c4 Dellypoo
I’m not crying. You’re crying. This story seems familiar to me, but I don’t know if I’ve actually read it. So, I may be reading it again. I feel for their pain, but somehow I see this helping them get back together. It’s amazing what you realize is important when major life events happen. Especially the sad ones.
7/3 c60 Wendy68
Absolutely loved this!
4/14 c3 29QueenOfTheSloths
A merger with Truncheon bringing Logan back to the states—ooh. Although Philli is still quite far from Maine. Landing in Maine was certainly quite the councidence
4/14 c2 QueenOfTheSloths
Ooh, you are brave writing Logan having sex with Odette. People get so ornery about out couple being with anyone else. Anyway, interesting start. You don’t often see stories where Rory doesn’t have the baby, either because of abortion or miscarriage. It’s a sensitive subject but definitely one worth exploring
4/7 c60 1LaceyLovesGG
I recently discovered Fan Fiction in the past few months. GG is my absolute FAVORITE and you are a terrific writer. I cried like a baby during the miscarriage and I just loved this story. I started it last night and read it from beginning to end. Thanks for writing and sharing. This is my favorite show of all time and I was SO disappointed by the endings of the series and the ending of AYITL, so your story makes up for it. I was kinda hoping she would sleep with Owen... just because Logan had been with someone and he kinda deserved it. Anyway, thanks for writing. If you ever need an idea for a new story, I have what I think is a great idea for a GG Rogan story, but I'm not great with the dialogue and all of the little details. And I would also be happy to help with proofreading and etc. Have a great day!
4/6 c60 Kazza65
Great read. Love happy endings for Rogan. Thank you.
3/29 c3 Kazza65
Brisbane my home town :)
3/10 c60 ShielaE
This is wonderful read. I love the phase and also the characater development on Rory. I like how she realized in the end that her old relationship with Lorelai was not a healthy one. I like how she started learning skills like cooking and also became independent her decision making at the same time building that partnership with Logan. I love that this is truly a Rory-Logan centric story far away from Stars Hallow and Lorelai. Thank you!
3/8 c5 ShielaE
Wow, this letter is so wonderful...it is indeed true love for Logan. I am glad to come across this fic and so far I an enjoying reading this. Thank you.
2/11 c60 merderluvr
Great ending. Their sons name surprised me but made me very happy for his namesake. Beautiful story for a beautiful couple. Thanks.
2/11 c59 merderluvr
I really loved this chapter. Everybody is happy. I’m glad Shira wasn’t there to spoil the gathering. The roof top setup for two was a sweet touch. Thanks so much for writing this elaborate story.
2/8 c60 Susan
Great story - ty for finishing ..I so much love a ROGAN happy ending..
2/4 c45 merderluvr
Thanks for making me smile and for making things right between them. I loved Rory’s reaction to Shiras comments about her rings and later Mitchums reaction to what Logan had done. I was proud of Logan for letting Mitchum know that he knows about Owen. Brilliant.
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