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2/4 c43 merderluvr
My heart is beating so loudly after reading this. I can feel Logan’s relief after hearing her say what he’s wanted to hear all along. Thanks.
2/4 c42 merderluvr
What a heartbreaking Finn discussion. He seems all knowing and truthful. He really cares so much for her and Logan. Can’t wait to see if she heeds his advice. Thanks.
2/4 c41 merderluvr
Awesome letter. It was brave of Catherine to write it. So revealing and so relevant to Rory and Logan. I hope they can somehow get Mitchum to let Logan cancel the wedding using this info as blackmail. Logan deserves the life he wants with Rory now not later.
2/4 c40 merderluvr
So glad to see the guys together. Logan was very sexy as he tried to mark his territory with Rory. It was interesting to see Logan evaluating Owen. Loved Finns reaction to their speculation about Owen being Mitchums son.
2/4 c39 merderluvr
The apartment sounds like a perfect solution for their unconventional situation. I wish he could avoid marrying Odette altogether and follow his heart with Rory being his bride. His fathers demands are spiteful. I liked Rory’s comparison of herself to Catherine in Mitchums eyes. Very insightful. Their night together was so passionate yet so unsettling with her questioning their status in the long term. Every time it seems like they have reached nirvana with eachother, there seems to be another cloud looming. I hope he can reassure her that she is his true soulmate, no ifs ands or buts.
2/4 c37 merderluvr
Love the way you write. Thanks!
2/4 c36 merderluvr
Oh my. That was a fantastic chapter. You built it up the tension perfectly and really set the mood. Owen seems like a great guy if Logan wasnt in her life. So complicated. Cant wait to see if she tells Logan. Thanks.
2/3 c21 merderluvr
Oh my. Love the twist. I wondered why Rory felt a connection to Owen. I like Emily in this story. She’s mellowed and is more down to earth and less judgemental now. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks.
2/3 c18 merderluvr
Very moving chapter.. They have so much to work through.
2/2 c5 merderluvr
What a heartbreaking chapter!
2/2 c4 merderluvr
I’m glad fate took him to Maine with her. Their reunion was touching. Her mention of wanting their baby and his reaction tugged at my heart. The bark exercise on the beach was cathartic. I can’t wait to read his note. Thanks.
2/2 c2 merderluvr
Wow. You did a great job conveying the emptiness they both are feeling but in different ways.
2/2 c1 merderluvr
I just found this story. So far I’m hooked. Thanks for writing it!
1/9 c60 54nightnovice
I would love to see a short about Logan and Owen meeting, maybe they acknowledge being brothers, perhaps Mitchum introduces them as being his sons, there are so many possibilities.
1/9 c60 Slitheringlouise
This is such a great story! I binged it in one Saturday. Best. Decision. Ever. Thank you!
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