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1/6 c60 9Frost Merry Darkness Luver
I really liked this, I felt like you didn’t necessarily need the an attention at the beginning, it might put off some readers about a story it isn’t truly. I’m glad I dipped my toes back into gg world. I’ve been listening to vampires on my audible account. I drove home for Christmas and used the 11 hour journey to listen to guilty pleasures by laurell k hamilton, and since then, finished 2-6. So it was nice to read something light
1/3 c14 2itz.gilmore.girls
In chapter 14, did you mean to name Honor's son Conrad? Like from The Resident? The same actor that plays Logan plays Conrad in that show, and it is amazing! Great show if you haven't watched it lol
1/3 c60 Susan
I loved this story! Great writing!
1/3 c60 Guest
Sweet ending, made only bittersweet by the fact that you've completed this story.
I'm not the best person to ask about a Jess and Odette story. I love Rogan, and you write some fabulous Rogan, but stories about the other characters from the series don't hold any interest for me.
1/3 c60 3roganjalex
Beautiful ending I would lol to see Jess and of Odette story
1/3 c60 bseriel
This is so beautiful, sad that this is the end, but great story top to bottom
1/3 c60 mimi1028
Thank you so much for writing and finishing this great story. The only thing I wanted some closure on is with Catherine and Owen. Do you think Mitchum ever reached back out? Glad you are going to return to Broken Bubble! Happy new year!
1/3 c60 4Clg1978
Great story, sad to see it done but I get that it does need to end eventually. Love how you ended it, didn't seem too rushed. Thanks for writing it
1/3 c60 ecsgg
This was so good start to finish! Loved the epilogue and where you took all of them personally and professionally. I’d love to see a Jess/Odette story, especially with some Rogan, too. It would also be fun to see if Mitchum mellows and follows his heart in retirement by returning to Maine. Your writing is excellent and I’ll read whatever you decide to write (I do love a good Rogan AU story). Thanks for writing and sharing your talent!
1/3 c60 jordana60
I was wondering how you were gonna wrap the story up in such a short time, but an epilogue did the trick! It was nice seeing how everything turned out. I would love to see a sequel with Jess and Odette, and I look forward to more stories!
1/3 c59 jordana60
So it seems like Lorelai is coming around, and now it seems more genuine. The party was a great way to announce the pregnancy to everyone at once, and I’m glad Jess and Odette are officially together. Leave it to Logan to end the night in such an intimate, romantic way. I wonder who helped him.
1/3 c60 Kellybras
Love you writing
1/3 c60 Guest
loved the story and perspective...a fresh take...however, please do another epilogue, or short sequel, that has Rory and Logan go back to the Maine house and see Catherine and Owen. Those characters were a great twist, but Catherine wrote Rory a letter ...and we don't see the payoff of her knowing it worked.
1/3 c60 lucylulu
OMG when I read epilogue I couldn't believe it
I was waiting for a few more chapters but... your story your way
I will miss your updates
Hope you will keep writing something Rogan
1/3 c60 22Gemmadog
What a story this had been. Loved it. Thank you for writing it
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