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1/2 c60 Elizabeth
I loved this story and the frequent updates so much. Thank you for writing it. I enjoyed your version of Jess and Odette and would be keen to see where you take the story. Thanks again and Happy New Year!
1/2 c60 2December Jeffries2
I’m sad that it is over but I absolutely loved that you finished just as strong as you originally started this phenomenal story of Rogan’s love. Them honoring not only Finn, Richard, Lorelei, Emily, Honor and her great grandmother Lorelei with their children names was incredibly touching. Will the story of Jesette or Jodette (I literally just made up these ship names . We will see if one of them sticks.) have Rogan in it also and will you be writing any new Rogan alternate universe stories in addition to Broken bubble?
1/2 c60 9Sondrasr
Great ending. Love how you gave Rory a real job and not just as a society wife. Would love to read a spin off of Jess and odette. One of my favorite stories and I am going to miss readin* it.
1/2 c60 23Rori Potter
Amazing story!
1/2 c59 9Sondrasr
Such a nice party. Nice to see Mitchum really care about their marriage. Great writing.
1/2 c59 23Rori Potter
Aww! Wow. Update soon.
1/2 c59 Amanda
Is Owen coming back? Just curious.
1/2 c59 bseriel
This chapter is prefect, their life together is just as it shoulda been in the revival
1/2 c5 2itz.gilmore.girls
okay that letter he wrote Rory in chapter 5 was so well written! Great explanation and detail! love this so far!
1/2 c58 ecsgg
I’m so happy for them... a boy! I really hope everything goes well from here.
1/2 c58 jordana60
A baby boy! So exciting and it’s nice to see Rory allowing herself to get more hopeful, thus, giving Logan the chance to express some of the joy he’s been holding back. I see Lorelai is doing her best to be okay with Rory, Logan and their new lifestyle, but it doesn’t feel completely genuine. She’s either gonna fake it till she makes it, or she’s gonna fake it till she can no longer take it. I think the news of the baby will soften her up a bit, but we’ll have to see if it’s enough.
1/2 c57 bseriel
I think Jess and Odette hit it off, maybe that's who she is seeing
1/2 c58 bseriel
Wow this is great really glad their baby boy is okay
1/2 c58 2December Jeffries2
I truly hope Lorelei has actually changed her opinion on Logan being married to Rory and not just faking it.
1/2 c58 lucylulu
another baby boy!
so good for them! and good to see Lorelei reaction
can't wait for more! addicted, you know
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