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9/5 c10 Georgette Weasley
I guess I’m just disappointed that this is too close to canon. I will say I very much enjoyed the first few chapters
8/25 c18 mysinger
Loved this story. The relationship between Severus and Harry was my favourite part. The plot and characters were very well done. I also liked Severus' idea of having Petunia and Dudley living in the apartment of their house for the sake of the blood wards. I hope that you will add an epilogue at some point. I would like to see how things turn out for Harry and Severus. Thank you.
8/13 c17 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Nooooooo! Pffttttttt!
So, we're going with stupid canon Harry.}p
Keep it up, Har, and Dumbasf*** may just decide to take the decision out of Sev's hands and send you back to Durskaban! He could then put the house under the Fidelis charm and Sev could never find you while the Dursleys put bars on the window and feed you through a cat flap!

Dumbles relented through the school year because it didn't matter, but I'm sure he still wants control of Harry. He wants Harry so demoralized and broken that he'll willingly sacrifice his life!

I realized a long time ago that what Dumbles set up was a *"Blood Sacrifice"*; the ritual sacrifice of a child is *Black Magic* and is one of the evilest things one can do! The Pagans, Aztecs, and Incas did it as did the Khazarians in Eastern Europe. They sacrificed them for good crops, fertility, and just because "Moloch" (another manifestation of Satan), the god of child sacrifice, demanded it.

Harry's "resurrection" was just this side of blasphemy, but why were "ritual blood sacrifices" (Tom's "resurrection" ritual required *two* "blood sacrifices" as well) allowed in books purportedly for children?

I'm guessing/hoping that you're going to continue this into year 2. But I *really* hope you're going to start going more AU and *not* continue following the "stations of the canon". I'd prefer to see Harry start to use logic and critical thinking to change things; with Sev as a guardian, he needs to start using his brain and *stop* thinking that he's all alone! That's starting to get as tiresome as it was in canon! Please?!

See ya!
8/13 c16 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Now also might be a good time for him to follow his own advice and confide in Minerva his suspicions about Quirrel and the possible correlation with the mysterious stranger who played Hagrid for the Dragon's egg and pumped him for the trick to soothing a Cerberus!

It might also be good if he were to ward the 3rd-floor door and put a better locking charm on it to at least delay the thief.

I really hate seeing Harry continuing being led around by the nose by all of his so-called "friends"! The castle wards should have -and probably did- warned Dumbledick about Hagrid's egg as soon as it crossed them! I always thought of this scenario as another "test" for Harry: A test of loyalty and daring and bravery. You know that Dumbles *knew* that Harry and his friends visited Hagrid frequently, so the secret about the dragon egg and then the dragon would become known to them!

The next part, with them having "detention" in the Forbidden Forest always smacked of Dumbles trying to actually kill Harry off! What kind of school administrator suggests a detention FOR ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD 1ST YEARS, *with a groundskeeper /who's not allowed to do magic(!)/*, *after curfew*, *in the Forbidden Forest*, *in the dark*, *to go look for whatever is /killing unicorns/ and /drinking their blood/*?! To top it off, Hagrid then suggests they *split up* with one party taking Fang who Hagrid states is an abject *coward*! WTH?!

Something like that might work for "Scooby and the Gang", but they're *teenagers*!
Whoever made the suggestion for Hagrid to oversee a detention, at night, with Firsties ought to be fired!
As Hagrid was the *reason* these kids got the detention *should* have made him abjectly sorry and when it was suggested that *he* oversee their detention, he should have taken them to his hut to have tea and play a game!

This was some of the stupidest shite I've ever read!

I also thought McGonagall's taking 50 points *each* for her 3 cubs being out after curfew was wrong, wrong, wrong; Malfoy only lost *20 points* for the same infraction!

Yeah, Rowling was really trying to drive the point home that kids can't trust adults! The exact opposite to every other "abused child" story I've ever read! "Jane Eyre", "Thursday's Child", "Tom Brown's School Days", etc.; *all* showed adults who did *care* and would do something to protect the child/children in their care.

8/12 c15 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Excellent advice, Professor Snape!

While Harry was the one to shame Ron into going after Hermione during the troll incident in canon, it's Ron's mouth that causes the most trouble during confrontations with Draco and Ron's constant sniping at Hermione and dragging Harry away from studying that are the biggest causes of friction within the "trio". Ron also co-opted Harry's time which prevented Harry from making more friends outside of the trio.

I know you're not "bashing" Ron, but I was highly skeptical of loud mouth Molly outside the entrance at King's Cross; she had 5 boys already attending Hogwarts, and *she'd* been a student there herself, so if they didn't usually use that entrance to the platform *why* did they that day?! "Everywhere else is full." Really? On a magically converted train? "Do you have the scar?" Is an extremely rude thing to ask anyone! It would be the equivalent of asking someone to show their scars from an automobile accident that took the life of their loved ones!

I found the entire train ride terrible: Ron was truly ungrateful for what his mother loving packed for him to eat and ate most of the sweets that Harry bought! He was terribly rude about Hermione and Hermione came off as rude, bossy, brash, and a know-it-all. Ron's snickering at Malfoy set Malfoy off even if he hadn't meant to be rude when he entered the carriage.

There's a lot to be said for Sev giving Harry some sound advice without being oppositional against Ron. He wants Harry to make good choices and not be suckered into just going along due to peer pressure.
Then, what's he turn around and do? Doesn't tell Sev what's going on at Hagrid's! Dumb Harry; really dumb!

Harry's got a ways to go yet!

8/12 c14 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Sev's reaction to watching Harry's reverence upon seeing his own room in Sev's quarters reminded me of the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sim as Ebeneezer Scrooge where Scrooge is sitting there after telling Bob Cratchit to go buy a larger coal scuttle "...before you dot another 'i' or cross another 't'!" After Cratchit leaves, Ebeneezer puts on his sour face and says, "I don't deserve to feel so happy!" Then he throws down his quill and says, "But I do!"

Sev's happiness at seeing Harry's reaction is wonderful and his whole changed demeanor towards Harry is all I could hope for!

What a great chapter!
8/12 c12 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
YES! YES! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!*\o/* Whoo-hoo!

I'm sorry for doubting you! Please, try to understand? When I first discovered that there was such a thing as HPff, in 2009 or '10, I wanted nothing to do with it! From what little I saw in summaries most of the sheep were 'in love' with canon :p and seemed to be writing 'love letters' to Rowling [Gag!] and completely ignoring Harry's abuse!

It wasn't until I accidentally started reading an *unlabeled* x-over with one of *my* fandoms -at the time I was into SPN, The Sentinel, and a little Teen Wolf- that turned out to be a "rescue Harry" story. It totally opened my eyes and gave me *hope* that I *wasn't* the only one who was disgusted with series of books that were supposedly "Children's Literature" that featured unmitigated, unrelieved, unacknowledged, and even DISMISSED *child abuse* and *bullying* of *MULTIPLE CHILD CHARACTERS* as a "PLOT DEVICE"!

*That* enraged me even more than that the books were HIGHLY plagiarized from Tolkien and other *Classic* works (try finding "The Witch Family" for one work about a little witch girl who goes to a *school* to learn spells, hexes, and potions; rides on a broom and many other similarities. And that's just ONE!) that I'd read as a child, teen, and adult and recognized where the ideas, scenes, and characters came from! They're nothing more than thinly disguised works of FANFICTION! The only reason Bloomsbury got away with it is because children, teens, and young adults don't *read* anymore!

Then Bloomsbury took it a step further and poured *millions* into pushing the books (P.R.) AND *BOUGHT* reviewers! Book reviewers make very little if any money, so it's very easy for publishers to BUY good reviews and to buy their way onto the "Best Seller" lists! Push the books into schools by sending thousands of *FREE* copies to school libraries (Lucius Malfoy and his endowments to St. Mungo's ring any bells?) AND pay teachers and/or their schools to put it on their reading lists. BAM! You've got an "instant" hit for a 1st-time writer who was *turned down* by every other REPUTABLE Children's Lit publishing house BECAUSE of the *CHILD ABUSE PORN* that she'd written! Even Bloomsbury made her "tone it down", but only because her Harry character would be returning to that abusive household every summer, but there are still tell-tales of the PHYSICAL abuse that got left in!

Discovering that there were some writers who were *not* enamored of Rowling and were willing to *rescue* Harry, protect Harry, or have adults that stepped in (one of my favorites is "The Best Revenge")! Another of my favorite tropes is the "Time-Travel Fix-it" or other "Fix-its". I'm not happy with those writers who love to "hate-on" and Bash Severus as I think he's one of the easiest to "redeem". Even Tom Riddle is "redeemable"! I loathed it when Dumbasf*** showed Harry HIS visit to Tom in the orphanage!

The old basturd chose to take the word of an alcoholic, slovenly, superstitious, and illiterate Matron as "gospel" about Tom's character! Who does that remind you of? If Dingleberry had arrived to talk to the Dursleys do you think he'd have gotten a "glowing" and honest report about Harry's character or would it have been a repeat of the poisonous LIES that the neighbors and Harry's teachers had been hearing for *years*! But we're supposed to believe HIM because he's the "Great Allpus Bumblesmore"! Disgusting!

Sorry, "word vomit" seems to be my life! ;)

Anyhoo, I'm so *proud* of Severus for standing his ground and going toe-to-toe with the great MOB! One of the best confrontations I've ever read! Truly!

Thank you, thank you for turning this around! I was really feeling discouraged while reading how Sev was treating Harry.

I'm so relieved! ;*

See you soon!
8/12 c9 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Oh, *goody*, so we're going back to ground zero and canon? I guess I hoped we were going "AU". So, we're going with the "stations of the canon" (all hale Rowling, the great fraud), but with a slightly AU beginning. Will Dingleberry be returning Harry to the Dursleys as well?

One would think that Severus would allow Harry ONE screw-up (the Quirrel meeting) without abandoning Harry! Severus didn't once consider that *Harry* was acting OOC -for an abused and wary child- by going with Quirrel! I'd have checked Harry for compulsions FIRST before I shut him down and shut him out!

Gosh, I can just imagine *this* Severus with a newborn baby: "You soiled your diaper?! Out you go!"
Only ignorant abused people continue to parent/mentor children using the same tools they learned from their parents; not *all* abused children grow up to *be* abusers! I didn't! I treated my children the way *I* had *wanted* to be treated as a child!

One day, my oldest had come home in trouble for not turning in his work on time -he inherited my ADHD- and my mother dared to remark with gleeful venom, that -as she'd predicted- I'd gotten a child just like *me*! I turned to her and told her, victoriously, "Then isn't it just too bad that *you* missed out on the joy of having an absolutely *amazing* kid!"

My mother continued to try to "put an oar in" to how I was raising my sons, which I ignored, until one day, just months before she died, we were sitting and talking -she'd mellowed until we were finally friends- and she said she had to admit it, I was an infinitely better parent than she'd ever been and she was sorry she hadn't tried harder to learn. It was a real breakthrough!

I don't want to see canon Severus; the 2-dimensional, bitter bully! I want to see a Severus who is *intelligent* enough to outgrow his resentment and antagonism towards Harry's father or to at least *not* punish his son for his father's sins!

I also don't like Harry being parceled off to the Weasleys like this! Let's take an abused child who's kept purposefully isolated and friendless and dump him into a FAN-family who don't even know about Harry's "less than stellar" childhood! He's already taken to hiding his intelligence from Ron! Gah!

8/12 c6 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Yes, yes, Dumblef***, put him with a family that will sing *your* frigging praises, attempt to brainwash him with your "greater good", AND tell him that *all* Slytherins are "evil, you worthless pos, but won't look deeper to the damage that's been done to him for nearly 10 years!


I'd like to think there is a "Fiction Hell" for evil characters as much as there is awaiting those who are trying to finish us off irl.

8/12 c5 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
I know they're too young for anything but I do hope for *Hermione* to become Harry's Best Friend and eventual Harmony. "Hope" *not* demand. ;D
Whew! I'm also really hoping that your Harry *won't* turn into the brainless, thoughtless, and sometimes rude child of canon. One would almost believe that Rowling would have us believe that child abuse leaves no scars and no behavioral anomalies! I wonder why?

8/12 c4 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
THANK YOU! I do understand that Sev being "gentle" or kind to Harry at this point in time, would make him too OOC, but the fact that he *is* feeling empathy for Harry and beginning to *see* /HIM/ and not his parents is a *relief* and a step in the right direction!

I could always understand Sev's not "suffering fools gladly" attitude and his sarcasm and snark, at certain times, was understandable and sometimes humorous, but Rowling's poorly timed, "tacked-on" revelatory "bomb" about Sev's backstory smacked of psychobabble of the highest order! Psychologically, his childhood and school days history *DID NOT* /match/ with his adult behaviors and persona AT ALL!

Abused, neglected, and bullied children DO NOT grow up to be *bullies*; they have too much empathy as and with the victims to ever become a bully; whereas, *bullies* without some kind of sharp shocking, "cataclysmic" event are and become *worse* bullies! It's basically a SOCIOPATHIC behavior that causes them to have *no* empathy for their victims!

A *thwarted* James Potter or Dudley Dursley more than fits Sev's adult persona: Bitter at having been *forced* into a position he's ill-suited for (for "protection" and so Dumbledick can keep him under his thumb and keep him "on ice" for when Dimbulbdork needs him to spy again! Using him to keep the Moldy's sympathizers "happy" -wtf?!- instead of allowing him to steer his charges *away* from the lure of "the Dark side") on top of losing the "love of his life" to his bitterest rival! *That's* a thwarted sociopath *not* an abused & bullied child become an adult!

Anyhoo, thanks for another great chapter!
8/12 c3 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
Gott dang; *Lighten up*, Severus: This little boy is *not* James and he's *not* *you*! He's a *little boy* who, in a lot of ways, has been treated *worse* than you were! This child has had *few* if any, kind words ever spoken to him, and I'm sure that he was well *punished* for them afterward! *No one* has *ever* tried to protect him as your mother did you and he's *never* had anyone to *comfort* him following unjust punishments or take care of his wounds following same! He's had *no one* at least *try* to care for him: Your mother may have been ignorant of appropriate "muggle" clothing for a boy but at least she *tried*! Harry's relatives went out of their way to *spitefully* MIS and under-clothe him to further degrade him in public and to show him and others their utter *contempt*!

The fact that *no one* calls the DURSLEYS on their behavior nor calls the authorities and reports these people in the 9-3/4 years that Harry lived with these people full-time had ME rolling my eyes and took me completely *out* of the story and not for the first time! As a voracious Fantasy & Sci-Fi reader for 39 of my 43 years (at the time, in 2005 and reading the books for the 1st and only time), I can honestly say that it was the first time I can recall being unable to immerse myself in a story and continue to suspend my disbelief and I'm a SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY *biblioholic*!

I *got* that Rowling was trying to go WAY over the top to cement these people as *the /BAD GUYS/*; I GET IT, BUT in placing her story in a contemporary setting of the UK of the 80s and 90s she made ACCOMPLICES and "BAD GUYS" of *every* single adult that ever SAW Harry! And/or saw Harry AND Dudley at the same time! A skinny, ill-clothed waif next to the well-dressed, morbidly obese oaf? I'm calling the cops and Child Welfare!

The only thing that kind of got me back into the story was MY having to ASSUME that someone *powerful* put some kind of "notice-me-not" or glamour on Harry to make it so no one outside of his relatives would SEE that Harry was mal-nourished and poorly dressed AND that they put some other kind of hex, charm, or spell on Harry that would make it so that others would *believe* whatever was told them *about* Harry by the Dursleys! Which led me back to WHO was that powerful AND *KNEW* what kind of people the Dursleys were: The MOB himself, Dumblef***! The most *evil* character I've *ever* read!

I know: That's pure speculation and supposition, but it's the *only* thing that makes sense of Rowling's nonsense! That it's never even hinted at in canon does nothing to dispel the supposition nor remove all the signs of just that! The fact that Dingleberry made my skin crawl and gave me a slimy feeling whenever he's described or speaking -from his introduction in Book 1!- just cemented the idea that HE was (true) *villain* of the books and I've never read anything in HPff to change that!

The only redemption story that *I'd* ever believe would either have HIM arrive "mob-handed" and ready for a fight at Godric's Hollow and have him horrified at what he found and then *immediately* turn around and hand baby Harry to Sirius OR take him immediately to Hogwarts to be checked over and send a Patronus to notify the Longbottoms to come there while HE AND Sirius went looking for Pettigrew!

Dumbledick had way too many *wrong* "notes" on the *evil* manipulator side of the ledger to *ever* believe that he was one of the "good guys" as Rowling wanted to shove down the reader's throats!

Well, I've over-written for a first-time reviewer of this story. :( It's a *good* story so far; Sev's treatment of Harry just triggered me and my diatribe just spilled out. Sorry for that!

I'm enjoying the story and I'm looking forward to continuing it.
I'll try not to be so verbose if I comment again. Promise. Sort of...;D
Truly, thank you for sharing your time and efforts for us, your unworthy readers!
Take care!
7/11 c5 rosemary62442
hermione's birthday was 10 months ago and she's buying stuff now?
5/24 c18 Myperversities
More? Please sir I want some more.
5/3 c18 Linda
Loved the story
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