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for And we'll go to Naboo

8/14 c7 6Shian1998
Great story! Really enjoyed it! Loved how Anakin and Padme took Ahsoka into their family and took her to Naboo. Felt bad for everything they'd been through and glad they're getting away and supporting each other. Enjoyed all the family fluff between them. Glad Obi-Wan was supportive of their decision, and also supportive towards Luminara after losing Barris. Loved when Padme got angry at Palpatine, and when she convinced Anakin to stop trusting him. Glad Riyo is investigating the trial, and that it also led to her investigation into what Barris said about Tarkin.

Great story! Would like to read more if you still plan on continuing.
3/2 c7 1Nightwing2013
… there’s some controversy! Is there any LGBTQIA representation in canon? I can’t recall any that I know of.
3/2 c7 50JimmyPenguin421
I feel bad for Luminara. Hopefully she doesn't feel as guilty about Barriss. Maybe they can repair their relationship.

Ooh, Fives and Rex and Riyo all visiting. This is going to be fun.
3/2 c7 Brightstone Keep
Poor Fox. That blue cutie is already spoken for...
2/20 c6 xSnvwyy
I can't get over this story. It has just the right amount of fluff with serious progression mixed in. I love this concept and hope to see more of it, I genuinely feel as if they are at their strongest all together like this.
1/19 c6 Guest
So What's going to happen to Ani and his adopted daughter now?
1/16 c6 6Sorceress of Stories
Haha! Anakin needs to give it a chance; always the comebacks with him. I'm living for the family fluff. I don't know what you're planning for the future, but if you're looking for suggestions, I'd like to see things like family outings or visits from friends. I'm just spitballing here, honestly. Pretty sure I'll be good with whatever you pick.
1/14 c6 50JimmyPenguin421
Oh good, they're getting help. Hopefully they can both get better. And that dream Ahsoka had was creepy... I hope everything turns out okay.
1/14 c6 1Nightwing2013
Capitalization is a little off throughout this chapter. The same goes for punctuation, especially during dialogue. However, the character development starts here, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!
1/10 c5 6Sorceress of Stories
This is so sweet! They're finally a family on Naboo! I wonder what's going to happen next? I assume the story's not over and you're bringing more conflict into it later? Maybe something to do with Palpatine or if you had something else in mind?
1/4 c5 4Ahsoka Snips SW TCW-VF
Aaaaw so cute. More of Anisoka fluff.
1/4 c5 Guest
Good Chapter.

Can’t wait to see how Anakin and Padmé help their adopted daughter on Naboo.
1/4 c5 50JimmyPenguin421
Yes, I think they all need therapy. And they have each other too. It was so sweet how Anakin and Padmé let Ahsoka sleep in their bed.
1/4 c5 1Nightwing2013
Fluffy! So Palpatine is a little pissed that his favorite toy just up and bailed, right?
1/4 c4 Guest
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
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