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for Ever After

6/30/2021 c17 ed
i loved this, maybe you could find someone to do artwork, good luck on that! still nice work!
6/30/2021 c16 ed
two angels reporting for duty god!
6/30/2021 c15 ed
watching some one fade is so damn hard, but in this life,well no one gets out alive.
6/30/2021 c13 ed
i know it"s just a plattitude, but growing old is manditory ,growing up is still an option. deal with it as best you can ! nice work!
6/30/2021 c12 ed
it looks like orange turd want"s to try again!
6/30/2021 c9 ed
time waits for no one don"t it?
6/30/2021 c8 ed
oh lord !was it better wetter?
6/10/2021 c17 StarnightCanyion
It one of the BEST stories that I have ever read!
11/28/2020 c1 Reader
I think this nearly brought a tear to my eye. Well done!

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