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10/9 c1 BingbongBingity
Love all of your fan fics
9/17 c12 6Lucius Walker
You would think that you would get tired of Overlord stories where the main protagonist kicks ass, but considering how that's what Overlord's all about in a nutshell, this is a perfect crossover fic of Overlord and Harry Potter.

I also love just how different you made it from the other crossover fic. Can't wait for more chapters.
9/15 c1 Anon
Never really understood why every. single. overlord x harry potter fanfic its always either Fem!Ainz or just some random OC thats heavily emphasizing that its female
9/13 c12 naruto
great chapter keep it up
9/13 c12 Spacemonkey777
Shouldn't Gal also have books from the future in her inventory. Surely there are some technical manuals she can use to establish a foothold in the muggle world as well.
9/13 c12 Stratos263
Good luck to the dark lady
9/11 c12 max111000
Nice chapter, I dont believe saving the world is in character for the overlord main character. Reaviling plans is also kind of wierd but I like the atmosphere demon empress gives. I liked the scene where they came to understand they have no real choice to make, that is something overlord like: chose to become a slave or be forced into slavery. I would like to read more of Galadriel forcing her will on some important people, like exploiting licantropy curing on the healer lady or something. Anyway, I had fun reading so I wish you to have fun writing!
9/9 c12 8UndeadLord22
Any chances that we get to see Galadriel going to Freddy Mercury concerts and maybe heal him once she learns that he has Aids and doesnt want him to die?
9/9 c12 wanderingwitchelaine
nice, look forward to more,
9/9 c12 Uday Sra
9/8 c12 Mastersgtjames
Hope the MC find Nazarick soon. Gonna be SOOO dumb if something stupid happens like Voldemort finding it, especially if he is able to actually enter it. I mean, like there were no guards, no defenses, it would just be dumb.
9/8 c12 2Darknaru3
You know I was wondering why everyone thought that Galadriel was a Dark lord or should I say lady since she really haven't been doing anything evil per say. So it was her magic power that felt dark which makes sense now that I think about it and I also love the ring flex. No matter which Overlord fanfic I read the ring flex is one of my favorite thing to see.
9/8 c12 Freetimedude77
Am now excited what's about to happen in the next chapter
9/8 c12 LandOfChaos
I just can imagine some wizzard shooting the killing curse at an MBT

Nice chapter this is my favorite story after Boku no Overlord its interesting
9/8 c12 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
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