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9/9 c1 chenkenmeier
Coming back to this after BG3 is fun, need to start over to rember how things went though
9/5 c13 Please Drink Bleach
Holy shit this is forced trash.
8/23 c3 reddir
I like your fight scenes, neither too long and boring nor too complicated to make sense of.

Normally I skip through most combat but reading your is actually exciting.
8/23 c13 17Karmic Acumen
I'll be honest, I skipped over the entire god sections, and not just because of the allcap horror. It just didn't do anything good for the story, especially when it was just to have a 'debate' about racism whose conclusion was obvious from the start. It's not like you were going to kill Harry or otherwise end the story. The tension subverted itself through its own impotence, and through that crippled the chapter, unfortunately. Half a dozen gods in a shouting match also overdid it, regardless of anything else.
8/22 c1 reddir
Great starting chapter (though writing out all the classes when he was only going to pick 1 seemed off, could have just given a summary of the others).

The characterizations and the way you tell the story very enjoyable. And the way you bring Tonks through the story and into the game was very nicely done.
8/21 c13 TailFeather247
Please tell me you’re not done with this master piece yet. I’m in absolute aw and I’m love with your story.
8/11 c13 WearyCurmudgeon
- Oaths
Eh, Torm would be a bit more lenient on the self serving bit to help Viconia, as he IS the God of Loyalty.

So Harry showing loyalty to Viconia and having that returned are things for his wheelhouse.

He'd probably have more issues with her being a follower of Shar rather than being a Drow, as he can acknowledge that how Lolth has set up her society is insane, so anyone wanting out should be given a chance.

Case in point him having had an Orog (Orc/Ogre hybrid; by the name of: Shield of Innocence) as one of his paladins, who went on to quite some fame and martyrdom during the Tethyrian civil war, which lead to Zaranda Star becoming its queen.

So "evil" race isn't an automatic disqualifier for him. (And Orcs unlike Drow are born evil, due to how Gruumsh made them as echoes of himself. Drow? That's fully a nurture over nature thing. 2nd Ed. had the majority of Drow as neutral but keeping their heads down, because the ones in charge were pretty much all evil. The good-aligned ones were the exception to the rule and rare due to how Drow society is set up to weed them out quickly before they get too strong and cause trouble.)

And while Torm and Shar might not have had that much conflict in the past, Torm feels he owes the Good and Neutral Aligned deities wergild for how his followers in Tantras treated the other faiths.

(Torm was already a deity during the Time of Troubles, just a descended one like all the others. He was a Demigod pre-ToT and became an Lesser Deity after that, both due to his own actions as well as the side effects/fallout of Helm's actions. He rose to his position post the Fall of Netheril.)

And Shar and Selune (and Mystra) have had nothing but conflict. So Torm is "oathbound" to side with Selune (and Mystra) against Shar.

(And you already showcased that in this chapter. Ah, well, bore mentioning anyway.)

- Revival
Eh, Val is forgetting that Illmater would be one deity who'd be inclined towards helping a Drow. (Her perseverance against what Life is chucking at her would earn her some grudging respect from him.)

Eldath, might be willing as well. Lesser Goddess of Peace.

Hell, Tymora wouldn't have been above helping either, although she'd have flipped a coin as to whether or not to do so. Simply called it Viconia's lucky day and brought her back without any further words on the topic.

Also as mentioned before, both a Wish and a Reincarnation spell could bring back Branwen and the latter would even give her a choice in the matter.

Which kinda matters as she died in battle, something that Tempus approves of, so she'd be in Tempus' equivalent of Valhalla and might not want to be revived. (Side note Tempus is a War God, Talos is the local Storm God. Irrespective of how reminiscent of Thor Tempus is.)

- Patron
Yeah, looks like Mystra is out of the running due to the whole Shar thing.

And between Torm and Tyr, Torm suits Harry far more. He's far more loyal than even the Hufflepuffs of his age.

Tyr, while a God of Justice is a tad too wedded to the concept of Law. Even though sometimes the only way to get Justice is by going outside of the Law. (Case in point the Untheric and Mulhorandi deities and their lands where slavery is legal.)

Bit of a pity, getting Mystra to establish herself outside of the Realms would've been in her long term benefit.

And that is a lot of Terran magic to incorporate into the D&D system.

Plus, might've helped some of the cultural issues suffered by Wizarding World.

Still, wouldn't hurt to have some offerings at any of the involved deities temples in the future.

They are a tad more mercantile/mercenary and offerings can move someone from the disliked into the neutral position, which is probably the best he can get with some of them.

- Egg Shells
Yeah, the fallout of Viconia getting ID'ed was almost as bad as I was expecting.

Though it definitely could've gotten worse.

Not getting the monetary rewards for all the local quests will make buying gear upgrades more difficult as well.

Still, knowing Shar she's just as likely to push Viconia past one of her hard limits as Lolth is, she'll just be more patient about it. A path of a thousand and one small damnations, so that the big one won't seem so disagreeable.

What she does afterwards will be a good question as I could see her being rather misotheist after a second betrayal like that.

And her cultural filter would raise some issues with the other deities as potential worthies of veneration as well.
8/13 c13 4Kharneth666
I have no experience with Baldurs gate prior to reading this story. Now I’m considering playing BD3. Thanks for another excellent story
8/6 c12 2RyMalice
Sorry man, but they got reamed because somehow the bad guy was able to pack his house with tons of people without anyone knowing and with barely any warning he was able to prepare for a massive assault. You also failed to have Harry or Tonks dispel the silence over them with a simple Finite spell or give them any sort of formation. If this had happened earlier in the story it would make more sense, but at this point it made very little sense and only serves as "drama" for the story.

You made a point of mentioning the bad guys weren't prepared for them to search the house based on the servant's reactions, and then you immediately contradict that by having a grand ambush planned against them. And the guards would have noticed the Wizard hoarding troops inside his house, especially with all the bandit attacks. They'd be on alert for unusual activities.
8/6 c8 bakun.alex93
The more I read this, the more shit it looks. I'm done.
8/6 c7 bakun.alex93
pitiful rubbish
8/6 c5 bakun.alex93
Wow, Harry personally chose to transfer a skill that safeguards barbarians from enslavement and genocide into the hands of slave owners in order to get a fucking conjurer into the party. Bravo.
8/4 c13 Armiture
Good to see progress being made in the I3 quest. The Judgement Tribunal was a most interesting scene but at least they didn't strip away any of Harry's powers, even though they know he's a Bhaalspawn. I do wonder if the Iron Throne is back another Bhaalspawn and that is why they are sending assassins after Harry and Imoen.

Thanks for the update and I'm looking forward to the next.
8/3 c2 RyMalice
Uh...I know what you're going for here, but unless I missed something, Harry still had his Lay on of Hands ability that would have saved Gorion.
8/3 c13 ulttoanova
I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit and look forward to Harry picking his god and developing his relationship with Viconia. I don't have much else to say other than that I really look forward to the next chapter.
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