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50m c4 yrlastin
Please PLEASE focus on this story. Great Fun
6h c4 1Priest
LOL god I love Minsk and Boo, not many people use them in stories and it is always nice to see them make a showing.
9h c4 2Malchior
Question, what's to stop Imoen or Harry from using a reparo charm in their downtime to fix tbejr equipment? As a fully trained witch, Imogen no doubt knows a bunch of utility spells that could be of great help during downtime. The repair charm is probably just the most relevant to their current needs, but apparition could be good too.
13h c4 8Dumbledork
That was very enjoyable. A lot of action and I really like all of your OCs.
13h c4 28Kairan1979
It's shame Luna isn't here. She'll be happy to meet a Miniature Giant Space Hamster.
16h c4 3grovepjp
18h c4 7Riniko22
Poor Harry, his ribs may never be the same.
19h c2 yrlastin
Diffindo is a cutting curse, Reducto is a Bludgeoner.

Otherwise Great
5/14 c4 comodo50
Awesome chapter. Altought it needs some grammar proof, kinda, I think. Loved to see Minsc in the story, and the rib things seems like it could do to some shenanigans down the road. Like "again?" (somebody asks Harry if he again gets hurt there)
5/14 c4 vincent moon
Awesome chapter!
5/14 c4 pwtcmcneil
that is a sxx toy.
5/14 c4 TBearTech
Wow, a wonderfully long chapter. You do a good job on the fight sceens. Just need a per son to edit not just spell checker.
5/14 c4 1Wakiyamani
As soon as I realized you were adding Minsc (which I'd hoped from the first moment I started reading this fic) I cheered... Out loud... then proceeded to quote at least half a dozen of his favorite sayings.

Fortunately I was alone in my home at the time. I'm quite sure my wife would have something to say for my sanity if she heard me yelling "Evil around every corner," and "Squeaky wheel gets the kick!"

It's sad really, my favorite part of the game. Even now, when playing Slay the Spire, if I use the 'Go For the Eyes'-card I still yell out for Boo to do it.
5/14 c4 Re Lovely Lover
A great chapter that kept me from going back to sleep like I shouldve till now. Thanks for all your hard work.

My only complaint would be a personal one being I had hoped him and Tonks would end up an item. After this chapter though that really seems it wont be the case. So a bit bummed about that "family" zoned bit and her looking everywhere else. Oh well.
5/14 c4 chronodaimon
oh man i was so happy to se an update to this. hope to see another soon!
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