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7h c2 khatre
Dang .. I wonder how long it will be before Harry remembers that if he had chosed a God he just may have had another Lay on Hands and could have saved him?
or would he have had the thought .. "This is a story event and Nothing could save him. period."
9h c6 LordZayphar
That felt more like Durlag's Tower than the Gnoll Fortress.
6/26 c3 LordZayphar
The Xzar and Mortarion quest offers no XP rewards. All you get out of completing the quest is Montaron & Xzar as companions. Worst quest reward in the game.
6/16 c10 Locothehood
So both dark elf and half elf in party

Something tells me if the rest of the party dose find him fast he will be teased mercilessly or might snap from the innuendo alone.

Incidentally what type of half elf is jaheria? Or her husband for that matter.
6/14 c10 5Shodaime Gahokage
the term is "Brother from another mother/Sister from another mister"

Term commonly used by one Christian man to another. This makes sense since all Christians are "brothers" (belonging to the body of Christ) but most have different mothers.

We stick up for each other like we're brothers from another mother.
6/12 c10 5mad thought
Here we go, I kinda wonder if she'd be open to switch to Eilistraee as her patron at some point.
6/9 c2 5fancyspinner
This was amazingly wonderful and sad.
6/9 c1 fancyspinner
What a great cliffhanger!
I don’t know what will happen but really, Harry’s world doesn’t deserve him.
6/8 c2 3Codename-ShadowFox
What? Did he just forget that he was a paladin and could in fact heal… twice!? Even though that was his major reason for picking paladin, to heal himself?
6/5 c10 2BlackRoseFire
Awesome chapter. I really enjoyed how you had the confrontation between Mullahy and the amzons go. I had wondered how you were going to get a few of the exploreratoin only encounters added in. Iloved the way that you have introduced Viconia to the story. She is my favorite character aside from Minsc and Boo.
6/3 c10 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
6/3 c6 Darkestcalling
you really need a better editor many times you listed them as having less spells then what they used and it got jumbled with other issues just many plotholes throught regarding numbers it honestly seems like your trying to force dark souls difficulty on the book but at the same time you bend and adjust the rules to make up for the difficulty you add in mechanics then nerf them down or try to make them less overpowered it's like you can't decide if harry is going to become and op character or wallow around like naruto struggling every step of the way only to some how pull through by bullshit
I've also noticed you've not really made any mention of exp gain in relation to his level or anything like you arent keeping serious track of it and just using it as plot points to boost him cause by my counting he should have leveled at least once more depending on how much some of his quest exps should have given
your overall story is great except for the mechanics great concept good plot the mcs character is alittle weak through until now
I will point out your cheap half assed excuse for them not being better prepared considering tonks can apparate back to town which you can't claim as using to much magic considering it takes less magic then a bombarda its main fail point is the three ds of using not the magic cost
like I said overall it's a great concept and fanfiction I just feel your trying to hard on keeping them from being to strong and it being hard for them I also dont like how you kinda turned this so far from a hp fanfic to a baldur's gate fanfic so far him being Harry Potter and all relates very little and their magic is basically regulated to overly costly only when in dire danger basically author had to make an excuse for you to use your magic
I was expecting something like a spell sword or magic knight or something not a half assed Paladin even with being it the largest library in the world he never tried to learn anything about becoming a mage or that him and tonks have never tried to cheat the system runes is a Auror required class if I remember correctly feather light enchantment expanded chest and you suddenly have a shitload more inventory does practicing repetition or anything decrease the health cost to spells considering the gamer system should give them some sort of skill for it
6/2 c10 2Mugen-Muse
Always check for traps.

On the bright side, at least both groups have a way of finding each other. Though I wonder what sort of mystery items have been picked up by the party throughout the chapter.
6/2 c10 comodo50
Man, I can already see all the snark Jaheira will do when she spots the new eh, companion. So will Branwen I guess, going by her deity. Tonks will probably just amuse herself with banter.
Looking forward to see what comes
6/2 c10 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
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